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Drupal 6.22
Apache Solar Server
Apache 2.0 Handler

About product

The product is Healthcare community portal for theprovision of insights of products to help patients, providers, payors, manufacturers etc. so that they can make the decisions.

Business Challenges

The client demanded the massive medical website which offers products details to thewhole industry. The client wanted a huge structure to be simplified in one complete website. Admin, guest and member kind of structure was needed on the website. Every marketing aspects related to products like rating, share, reviews etc. must be implemented. Again, admin should be given much access related to products, users and reports. Because the huge-sensitive data involved, theclient gave a strong emphasis on data security.


According to the requirement, client demanded high-ranking search techniques be implemented in the application. Apache Solar- a competent technology is used to meet user requirement for searching according to various sections. Developers included automated meta-tagging,cross-linking and extended core taxonomy features in this website.As the website includes the community networking features, theDrupal framework was used to ease the task of creating asocial login.Other implementations include theaddition of quality graphical representation at any and every place in the website and importing data by CSV for all the content type.


  • Scalable and advanced security oriented full-fledged health community portal
  • Authentication module for all kinds of users
  • Appealing and user-friendly GUI for diverse product range
  • Categorical product representation
  • Alerts on millions of adverse event reports
  • Dashboards summarising the information
  • Extensive search according to tags, geographical focus, category based, related disciplines and so on.
  • Print and filter options
  • Product rating and importing options
  • Social media integration
  • Efficient algorithms implemented for manual cleaning and logical linking of various data sets


  • The fully functional healthcare community application has resulted in wide reach of all types of users. The website got millions of users and it doesn’t slow down even a bit due to huge user traffic.
  • Extensive search mechanism has empowered the users to get exactly what is needed.
  • Admin module has resulted in better management of the portal and enabled the client to decide future strategies based on different reports.
  • Secure and scalable aspects of the website have created a huge impact on the worthiness of the community.