Consortium of Mobile and Retail: Insights 2017

These days, mobiles are the mainstream theme for everyone. The inclination of mobile is growing every day and breaking previous records in nearly all fields. The popularity of using mobile apps among people is increasing at rate of knots. A statista report indicates that the number of mobile phone users is projected to reach 4.77 billion by this year end. Additionally, it also states that mobile phone users across the globe will surpass the five billion mark by 2019.

This seems as the mobile mania will continue to grow among all segments of an industry. Okay, these statistics are pretty adequate to show you the popularity of mobile and applications. But, observing the behavior of people including ourselves, you will likely come to know that we prefer mobile apps and find app solution for all regular tasks whether it is a shopping, traveling, restaurant booking, food ordering, recharge and billing, and so forth.

Okay, let me allow to proceed with the main talk of the web, that is, a combination of retail and mobile. What will be the prediction in 2017 regarding the union of mobile and retail? What are the trends that are currently making a future projection on? Well, predictions and trends are not too tough to evaluate. From the statistics, survey, and analysis you can easily predict them.

Yeah, let we go through the blog to know some interesting forecast about retail and mobile industry in 2017.

Mobile everywhere!

Sounds interesting, right?

Yeah, this is the mobile era, and seeing the situation from a top, you can surely able to say that our future is mobile. No, I am not talking about the things that you already know. But, for industrialists, retailers, and marketers the mobile is being a major thing. Well, more and more vendors are picking mobile app as one of the revenue generation factors, it is equally important to capture the attention of users, constantly. Many forecasts support the acquisition of mobility by small and midsized business over the coming years. Store owners are taking mobile solution acutely to survive in the era of ecommerce.

Dash of Personalization, relatively

Indeed, everyone fascinated by the touch of personalization. Every user likes personalization.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

As you might have observed, big brand ecommerce ventures are going ahead towards personalization. Many have opted personalization to reduce abandon carts, to attract consumers by bespoke shopping experience, and to suggest a range of products and services customers have preferred previously. Integration of social media and stores will give another boost to the ecommerce enterprises. Using of history, previous choices, final deliverables, cart products, and reviews retailers are aware of next step to be taken in order to keep retention strategy active. Truly, to gain the loyalty of customers is more worthy than any other strategies.

Comfort is what you admire: unique In-store experience

Great! Do you know the biggest retailer across the world, Amazon will gain a position of trendsetter by introducing Amazon go. The company has already launched the idea of newly and unique in-store experience. It is a really splendid approach for customers to enjoy a trip to the store, instead only doing shopping. There will be no big checkout lines, easy and smoother integrated payments, sensor combination, and what not! Really, after seeing a video of Amazon go you will be in the overwhelming mood!

The personal and amazing in-store experiences are what every ecommerce venture needs to think about. Whether it is a small or large enterprise, every customer is all set to gain special attention from stores while shopping. And you can’t deny, as you know, a customer is a king!

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Ecommerce economy: digital assistant and on-demand apps

Over the recent years, many on-demands apps have grown in popularity to satisfy the ever-increasing demand of customers. Brick and mortar stores are continuously evolving towards smarter and digital environments to embrace the change firmly. Ecommerce success stories are more empowered taking digital assistant into their accounts. Constant big data analysis and personalized experiences will be served as a digital assistant in the near future. Real-time delivery and hands on Artificial Intelligence will impress us by mesmerizing performance of ecommerce store. Out of the box ecommerce solution along with all-encompassing services would weigh up the ecommerce and retail industry.

Labeling it as final words!

Accepting the radical movement of digitalization in the retail industry, one can be very sure of obtaining a value-added return on investments. Apart from these insights, there is one steadfast fact that retail industry will continue on the path of expansion adopting a mobile solution to engross the customers. We hope that 2017 can redefine the next big thing in the retail industry to hold up the valuable customers by personalization, diversified payment integrations, and rapid on-demand app expansion.

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