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About Application


Crazy Wheel is one of the best free mobile game apps that revolves around colors. It is all about how good you are at concentrating to the changing colors. It is easy to play and fun, yet challenging game. The special features of one of the best android and iPhone games applications are:

  • All you have to do is tap the screen when the arrow points to its color.
  • If you do not tap the screen before the arrow passes by its color, the game is over.
  • It might seem simple, yet not easy.
  • It might feel easier when you start playing for the first time, but competing on leader board will be challenging, yet fun.
  • It will become easier as you play and gain some experience.
  • You will just not be able to resist once you start playing.
  • Each time you play and view your score, you will be encouraged to play one more time and beat your competitors on the leader board.
  • This will help you enhance your concentration and take your gaming skills to the next level.
  • There are three modes of this game; each having different functionalities and benefits.
  • The game is easier to play, but harder to master.

Project Challenges

Mobile and game application development is not so easy. It needs extra time and highly skilled mobile application and game developers.

Some challenges during developing the Crazy wheel iPhone and android game application project include:

  • Learning new things like native iOS frameworks like Sprite kit to develop 2D games.
  • Making this game application compatible to all the Android and iPhone devices in the market as per their UI and resolutions.

Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management iOS, MAC OS X 10.10.1
Development Tools & Environments Xcode 6.2 (IDE), Objective C, Sprite kit


Project Leader 1
Developers 1
Designers 1
Quality Assurance Tester 1

Planning & Architecture

Planning plays a major role in mobile application development for business or gaming. All the planning of this Crazy Wheel Brainvire mobile app has been done carefully so that it is fun as well as a chance to hone up skills for the players.

Normally, the layout of the mobile mind games apps is too complex. However, the layout of the game has been kept simple, so that people can play with all the concentration without getting confused. It will be extremely interesting for them and they will want to keep playing till they get very high scores and can match up with top players in leader board.

Once they reach to their level, it will be fun for them to share their score on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, to name a few.

The planning and architecture of this concentration game for adults and kids also include the features like:

    • Navigating quickly to three modes
    • Sharing score on social networking
    • Updating game center
    • Keeping music and sound on and off as per requirements

Development Highlights

    • The game will turn out to be your addiction and you will just not be able to get over it. You will always feel like taking one more shot.
    • Being one of the best free online brain games apps, The game teaches mental balancing.
    • For kids, it is a one of the best mobile brain exercise games that teaches color coordination.
    • For adults, it teaches that high level of concentration and alertness is important in whatever you do.
    • This brain game for adults and kids is the best thing to get rid of boredom while you are travelling or in the waiting room.
    • Lets your left and right brain to coordinate with each other.
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