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Crazywheel iPhone Game Application

Crazy Wheel – It is all about speed and color

Check how spontaneous you are!

Crazy Wheel

What is the game all about?


The game is as crazy as its name suggests! It is all about tapping at the right time. It tests your concentration, speed and spontaneity of adults, and teaches color lesson if played by kids. It is simple, yet challenging. It is so addictive that it would be difficult to stop playing once started.



It works in English, Dutch and Simplified Chinese
Free of Cost


You can download it for free from iTunes
Device compatibility

Device compatibility

It works for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod Touch

Crazy Wheel

How to play?

When you start the game, the arrow starts rotating. All you have to do is quickly tap the screen when the arrow matches the correct color. You will come to know as soon as you start playing. You would love it once you get hang of it.
Mobile Game App Development

Crazy Wheel

Why should you download it?


Logical Game App Development

Improves concentration
Increases speed
Makes you spontaneous
A fun time pass

Crazy Wheel

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