Creating PHP Middleware Applications for Web with Zend Framework

Middleware is an important element for the distributed applications. It provides interoperability between various applications running on different operating systems, helps them interact with each other, exchange data and provides the supply services so that the distributed system functions efficiently. Usually technologies like Java are widely implemented for the development of distributed web applications, but now this is possible with PHP too as Zend comes up with PSR-7 expressive micro framework. PSR-7 is a micro framework that enables development of middleware applications using any number of layers and architecture. PSR stands for PHP Standards Recommendation. It is a collection of HTTP messaging interfaces that provides scope for interacting with HTTP requests, responses and URIs. Hence, with PSR-7 HTTP specification, one can go for developing Zend PHP applications for web with middleware technology.

PSR-7 allows for PHP web application development with reusable code which can be dropped into frameworks that use middleware technology. Slim Framework v3, Relay and Expressive are the three frameworks that utilize middleware software code for application development. These frameworks support features like dependency injection, dynamic routing, error handling etc., to support efficient PHP application development and allow developers to build PSR-7 compliant middleware applications for web. Hence, PSR-7 creates an ecosystem in which developers can create re-usable middleware which can easily be shared between them.

PSR-7 opens new chances for interoperability with application development. As it is a middleware framework, it provides reusability of code patterns and hence, allows for rapid application development. Even the complex PHP applications can be developed with smaller chunks of code using such middleware software. It provides a highly flexible structure for development of complex applications and also offers migration paths in both directions for developers. Thus, developing middleware applications with PHP is really easy with PSR-7 technology.

Zend Expressive for PHP Middleware Application Development:

Zend expressive is an open source software and also a reliable framework that provides the developers with an innovative way to develop PHP middleware applications. This framework allows to write PSR-7 compliant code for development of middleware web based applications. With Expressive, developers can utilize third-party components other than the Zend framework’s very own components for the easy and efficient development process. Moreover, as these components are versioned independently, developers can easily use them to develop customized solutions to meet the specific project needs. The developers can start off with the application development process using just specific components they require while they may still use other components they may already have in their apps.

Hence, with such technologies available for the developers it is quite easy to develop middleware applications with PHP for web. Brainvire Infotech is a leading, global IT solutions company offering reliable and cut-edge technology services for web, desktop and mobile development needs of the enterprises across different industrial sectors. The company has experienced domain professionals and knowledgeable PHP developers who already have hands-on experience in Zend application development or you can hire Zend developer for different kinds of entrepreneurial needs.

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