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Virtual Cash Worth USD 10M Managed by Brainvire’s E-commerce Finance App

Brainvire - FInance app

About Client

The Qatar-based client is a FinTech innovator and they have the vision to simplify people’s daily transactions. They want to streamline utility payments, mobile recharges, entertainment, fund transfers, flight bookings, and much more. They sought Brainvire’s expertise in mobile app development to turn their vision into reality.

About Product

Brainvire ideated the mobile app in such a way that it ushered in the Cashless Revolution. Users can Scan the QR code to pay for fuel and shopping. They will earn reward points for each payment they make and can redeem them in future payments. All the payment gateways are secured by a high level of encryption. The future scope of this illustrious venture consists of flight bookings, hotel reservations, mobile recharges, and other exciting features.

How we did it ?


Managed 1.5 Million+ Users and 500k Daily Transactions

The digital platform can cater to a large community of users and handle massive volumes of transactions.

Holding Virtual Cash Worth USD 10M

The app can store and regulate digital currency in a secure manner.

50+ Flights Booked Daily & 1000+ Event Registrations

Users can book flights and be a part of popular events through this app.

Ranked as the Most Popular App in Qatar

The app has struck the right chord with the people of Qatar and helped them go cashless.

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