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Brainvire Creates Mobile App for an Indian Food tech Company to Improve Customer Experience

Brainvire - Grocery Delivery App

About Client

The client owns a renowned food tech company based in Maharashtra. It is involved in the delivery of Grocery & Staples, Bakery, Cakes & Dairy, Package Foods, Fruits & Vegetables, Egg, Meat & Other Non-Veg, Organic Food, Detergents & Dishwash, Bath & Hygiene, Hand Wash & Sanitizers, Oral Care, Hair care.The client wanted to develop a mobile app to go digital so that customers can sit at home and order groceries that will be delivered at their doorstep within a few minutes instead of days.

About Product

Brainvire developed a mobile app where customers and corporates can order groceries at any time of the day. Customers can also choose their time slots for delivery. Users can also return or exchange items on the same day. Customers can use filtered searches as per their location and their preferences.

How we did it ?


Hassle-free orders and delivery

The end-users can easily browse products that are available in the nearest hub online and place orders. The app will deliver groceries within 45 minutes of the order to any part of the city.

Better customer satisfaction

The app provides better customer satisfaction to users. It delivers high-quality products within minutes to customers’ doorsteps. Users can also maintain a checklist of items they need on a regular basis.

Proper delivery management

The app ensures better delivery management through routing optimization, analytics, research to achieve on-time and faster delivery of products to the end-users.

Multi-user functionality

The application allows multi-user functionality through the family cart options. This makes the app a one-stop solution for customers to get basic needs on a timely basis.

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