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Retailers Can Now Connect With Their Customers During Lockdown

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About Client

The client is an established brand in the market with the business revolving around loyalty program outsourcing partners. They are associated with over 100 retail businesses across different geographical locations and industries. They have joined hands with several POS products to manage their customer loyalty database.

About Product

Brainvire’s team designed this app so that retailers can communicate with their loyal customers even during the lockdown. The client wanted their vision to be converted into a reality within a period of a fortnight. Our dedicated team developed this interactive platform so that retailers can upsell, promote, and connect with their loyal customers.

How we did it ?


A Unified platform to manage all loyal customers

The app allowed retailers to lure their loyal customers to shop from their store. They can run campaigns to promote essential products suitable for each customer based on their purchase history.

Smooth appointment management system

The appointment module allows retailers to schedule a limited number of appointments at a time. This makes it easier for retailers to follow social distancing norms. The QR code facility provides a secure entry point for your customers.

A comprehensive ChatBot platform

An all-inclusive chat messenger and ChatBot allows retailers to directly communicate with your long list of loyal customers. Retailers can chat with multiple customers at a time.

An all-inclusive ordering system

A fully integrated ordering system allows retailers to update shipment status and ship off customer orders seamlessly. Retailers can also payment link to the customers to complete the order cycle.

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