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An Epic App Connects The Healthcare Community of 8,000 Doctors, 17,500 Pharmacists, and 2Million Patients

Brainvire - Mobile app for healthcare firm

About Client

The client is a popular firm in the healthcare industry. The firm comprises highly inspired people and has niche experience in the healthcare industry. It aims to design a strong and unified healthcare ecosystem. A system that brings together patients, doctors, and pharmacists. They vouched for Brainvire to design and develop a mobile app for the same.

About Product

The client needed an app that could unify the patients, pharmacists, and Doctors. Brainvire developers provided an epic app to manage medical history, e-prescriptions, medication safety, and one-stop-solution to all the three entities . The app helped to resolve lack of medication safety and legibility with help of e-prescriptions. The robust and dynamic Admin panel designed by Brainvire experts helped the administer to manage end-to-end application. Patients can easily add their reports and the entire healthcare ecosystem is bought under one umbrella.

How we did it ?


Smooth chat functionality

Inappropriate and chaotic communication can create a lot of hurdles to convey a message. However, Brainvire experts designed an app that has a smooth communication process.


Brainvire developers acknowledged the need for a one-stop-solution to get medicines. The developers made provision so that patient’s can easily search for their nearby registered pharmacists and place their order.

Stored patient’s medical history

The app also saved medical history. This helped the Doctors to review the patient’s medical history. The patients can also use the previous prescription to place their order.

Lack of medication safety and legibility

Brainvire developers designed the app such that the doctors can generate e-prescription based on the symptoms of the patients. This helped to improve prescription legibility, and accountability. It also helped to save time for the patient as well as the doctors.

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