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An Amazon for Builders Ensures Timely Delivery of Construction Raw Materials While Saving a Fortune

Brainvire - Custom online marketplace for real estate

About Client

Individuals with a broad vision, the client has a total experience of 26 years in supplying premium quality construction equipment. They had the vision to streamline the delivery of raw materials to their destined project sites more efficiently. Thus, they sought Brainvire’s expertise in e-commerce multi-vendor management to realize their dream.

About Product

The online marketplace makes it easier for builders to buy their products and leverage sales for traditional suppliers in the industry. Suppliers of building materials can upload their entire product inventory onto the multi-vendor platform, thus allowing customers to compare prices, browse an unlimited range of products and place orders. It’s a full-fledged Microsoft solution with the functionality of Vendors Warehouse Management, Logistic Management and Order Management. The platform caters to both first-time buyers and builders. They can easily search the site’s detailed product catalog and compare costs from multiple suppliers in the industry. The site is customized to find the best price or closest supplier depending on what is their preferred choices.

How we did it ?


Easy Access to Quality Construction Equipment

Builders can buy branded products in this marketplace without worrying about their genuineness. Buyers don’t have to visit multiple vendors for their construction requirements; they will get everything in one place.

Precise Product Search based on Query

Site visitors can quickly find what they want with just a few clicks and navigate through the product categories easily.

Integration With Klarna for Quick Payments

Customers will never have to worry about their budget when buying a wide range of products. Klarna will help them by crediting the amount to the client and later on customers will pay back in equal installments.

Win-Win Business Model with High Profitability

Traditional suppliers can boost their sales and builders, on the other hand, can complete all the projects on time.

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