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Blood Collection and Supplies Simplified for America’s Largest Network of Blood Centers

Brainvire - Microsoft solution for healthcare firm

About Client

The client is home to some of the most well-known blood centers in America. They bring together outstanding minds with unparalleled experience in transfusion medicine, transplantation, stem cells, and genomics. Their diagnostic labs and clinical research services offer great insights into human health. Improved patient outcomes and reduced cost of care for healthcare industry stakeholders is their mission. They approached Brainvire to streamline their existing supply chain network of blood banks.

About Product

The digital platform is the brainchild of Brainvire’s Microsoft experts. It’s a comprehensive database that handles enormous amounts of data coming from different blood banks. Users can track this inventory and order data easily and request blood supplies without wasting precious time. The in-built ElasticSearch engine helps them perform complex searches and log critical events into the system. They can search for a specific blood type (consisting of 40 different antigens) whenever needed.

How we did it ?


Seamless Connection of Over 50 Independent Community Blood Centers

All the registered blood centers can share crucial data related to blood donation and collaborate with each other.

40 Million+ Lives Saved

The solution has eliminated all discrepancies in the blood supply chain and ensures timely delivery to those in need of blood.

Distribution of Biological Materials Worth $150 Million

Besides pure blood, the client was able to supply other biological products (antibodies, stem cells, enzymes, etc.) efficiently.

230,000+ Units of Blood Supplied Annually

The database has helped the client’s organization deliver more units of blood for different healthcare purposes.

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