Brainvire Upgraded Mobile App for a Financial Company For Improved Usage Among Customers

Brainvire developed a mobile application for a financial company to ease usage among customers.
Brainvire Upgraded Mobile App for a Financial Company For Improved Usage Among Customers

The client is a leading Indian financial company. They have a mobile application for all its customers, which allows users to access details of their accounts on the go. They approached Brainvire to ensure the smooth technical functioning of the app and maintain data security.

Brainvire resolved issues related to migration issues, resolution, and API call changes for both Android and iOS Applications and ensured the app ran smoothly and with the latest iOS 13 support. The technical software was upgraded to ensure high-end data security.

One of the challenges was that the client wanted to implement some technical changes in a short time. Brainvire's team worked collaboratively with the client's technical team and resources to resolve all major and minor issues and deliver results on time.

Another issue was that managing all technical queries and tasks on email or excel was challenging. To improve task and issue assignments, and progress tracking, Brainvire switched from the existing system to the ZOHO project management tool.

Since this was a live project, it was important for developers and teams to stay alert and committed to finding errors in the code whenever they occurred. To reduce the chances of glitches on a live application, we placed the code to our Github for checking. We shared the build to the client for testing in their actual environment before committing it to the live server. Brainvire team adopted agile methodologies, planned daily scrum activities, and weekly deliveries to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.

"Mobile apps have become an indispensable platform for customers to manage daily activities on the go. Organizations need to build apps that provide a seamless user experience. As a leading mobile development company, Brainvire provides tailored solutions to clients according to their individual needs," said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire Infotech.

The application features the latest technology upgrades to work smoothly on both iOS and Android platforms. Brainvire IT team has ensured maximum security to safeguard financial data of customers.

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