Data Sync and API Calling Improve Usage of Mobile App for Canada’s Largest Condominium Rental Company

Brainvire's proficient development team developed a mobile app for internal staff to sync data from mobile to server and vice-versa easily.

Brainvire developed an Android mobile app solution that would allow internal staff to create tenant leads, view rentals, and list future available suites. The client is a rental management company based in Canada. They collaborate with property dealers, realtors, and homeowners. Brainvire assured to help in their goal to make the rental process as seamless as possible.

The client was facing certain issues where the internal staff was not able to view the profiles of the rentals properly. We created an interface wherein the internal staff will be able to create tenant leads, find available rentals or get a list of suites that would be available in the future. Another issue was syncing data. Since this was an offline application, the client faced problems while trying to sync data from the server to the mobile. Brainvire's team resolved this challenge by implementing DB indexing at the application level.

The second problem was the excessive time taken to execute two-way syncing which originally stood at 10-12 minutes. Brainvire's development and IT experts overcome this issue by implementing Parallel API Calling, setting up timezone of application code, server and database. The same method was used to facilitate two-way syncing from the API side. The team also helped

"Mobile applications can simplify work for people as they can do it while on-the-go. This application will allow its users to find information offline and sync data from both the server and the API easily. The techniques used by our development team will increase the utility and effectiveness of this app," said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire Infotech.

Brainvire's designers and developers crafted the app in such a way that it simplified and even increased the use of the app among the internal staff. Users can browse rental, available suits and other property profiles easily, even while they are offline. They can even get the list of 'Move In Checklist' for any particular suite. Brainvire's development team also made sure that when the users were connected to the internet, data between the server and mobile would sync automatically, without any data losses.

Brainvire's expertise in design, development, and IT proved to be useful in helping the client launch a reliable offline app, and facilitate smoother data exchange between the client's internal staff.To know more about Brainvire or its solutions, drop an email at [email protected].

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