Developer’s Expectations from the Brand New AngularJS 2.0 JavaScript Framework

Right from its release, AngularJS has been the favorite web applications development framework for the developers. The open source JavaScript framework is based on MVW architecture and has successfully achieved merits from both individuals and enterprises who were able to reap benefits of its best features for faster and efficient application development. It’s not that the 1.x version of AngularJS was not up to the mark, but the 2.0 version is just a kind of revamped model of the earlier framework with much better convenience and features offered for the users for ultimate satisfaction. AngularJS web application development is now further simplified with the new reformed 2.0 version which not only improves the way HTML is used for web applications development but also makes testing and other technical things much easy and simplified for the use of developers.

Following are the 5 best benefits that the developers can expect to get from AngularJS 2.0 for the application development process.

  • Faster Browsers:

Developers have been believing that with AngularJS supporting the faster and modern browsers for desktop and mobile, there would be no backward compatibility and polyfills issues while the codebase required for applications development would also be short and compact. Hence, developers expect the Angular JS 2.0 version to support the faster browsers to simplify the web application development process for the developers.

  • Mobility Driven Approach:

Though AngularJS 1.x supports mobile applications development, there are performance related problems with this version. Hence, developers expect this issue to be resolved in AngularJS 2.0 version thereby making AngularJS application development a simplified process especially for mobile apps. Performance tuning, touch support and low memory consumption are some desired features developers are looking to get from the revamped version.

  • Support for Web Components:

The current version AngularJS 1.x does not support the advanced web components like HTML imports, shadow DOM etc., which are very helpful for creating fully encapsulated custom elements. So, developers expect to see support for these most wanted web components in the latest AngularJS version that can make AngularJS web application development really easy process.

  • Ease of Implementation:

Ease of implementation is what developers want from any framework because usually working with a framework would require to understand in depth its technicalities and features. The same is the case with current 1.x version of AngularJS. Using AngularJS 1.x requires developers to have extensive knowledge of its core features like custom directives and controllers which are not easy ones to learn at first. Hence, the developers are expecting to get ease of implementation with brand new 2.0 version. Developers expect AngularJS to get much easier with this new version.

  • Better Dependency Injection Feature:

Dependency Injection is one of the best features of AngularJS which eliminates the tedious longer coding process for application development. There are certain issues with dependency injection feature in the current version of AngularJS which the developers expect to get resolved in this 2.0 version for better, simplified and a much efficient AngularJS web application development process.

Developers are hoping to get a better and much more efficient JavaScript framework with all the issues of current version being resolved in the latest brand new AngularJS 2.0. Hope that the approach to applications development will be much more simplified with the new version and will ease the developer’s task to a great extent.

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