DevOps : Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

“88% [of executives] admit IT investment is important to achieve simplification.” – SAP Benchmarking

On the other hand,

90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing on a digital strategy.” – MIT

This is what the current consequence is.

Undoubtedly, giant tech ventures have already established a digital economy and leveraging the big role of Big Data, but, the essential part is the execution of the strategy. A concept like DevOps and DataOps are still lagging behind.

Whether you run your small ecommerce venture or a large-scale enterprise business, collaboration, and synchronization are vital in order to make a significant difference. There are many theories being used in practice such as real-time analytics, big data, Internet of things, cybersecurity, and agile processes to propel the true meaning of ‘digital transformation.’

Well, read below line.

“Only 10% of companies describe themselves as fully digital.” – Datum

Being an active part of IT revolution through the software development, we believe, the digital transformation should result in better collaboration and communication which means a smooth, hassle-free management of business processes. Identifying improvement and advanced business opportunities, this article represents our insights on the most buzzing word of an IT industry, ‘DevOps.’

In this article, we will be discussing,

What is DevOps?

The influence of DevOps in.

DevOps: Addition of Agility and Advanced Collaboration

Put simply, DevOps is not a technology, it’s an environment.

In order to increase organization’s capability to deliver services rapidly, DevOps is an evolving IT culture that bridges the gap between operation and development. It has broadened horizons of agile software development approach. This advanced theory consists a practice where people who are associated with the project work collaboratively under a single platform.

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Design, Develop, Deploy, and Operate under one roof, this is the main aspect of DevOps environment.

However, to develop and maintain software at high-velocity one needs to be sure about creating a harmonious channel that involves development, testing, and operations. It promotes a shared environment between teams which ultimately results in faster delivery and quickly resolved barriers. Continuous integration and continuous deployment, these are the two terminologies that strongly associated with DevOps which allows focusing on adoption of a common set of objectives.

Why DevOps Matters To The Software Development Companies?

In order to provide the software that adds value to the business, software development companies are embracing DevOps approach like never before. It is an efficient way to reduce the risk that exists in workflow and synced development environment. One thing here that would draw your attention is, it is based on agile programming development approach.

The companies who are using the agile methodology in software development would surely benefit by DevOps concept as it consists of modular programming, iterative CRM development, and collaborative environment. It also involves the comprehensive and advanced security aspects that also reflect in reduced cost.

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It is not a fact that DevOps practice is ideal for every software development company. The variation in methodologies and in automation of task may cause the inconvenience to adopt this process. It requires highly configure and synced technical environment, proper management of organizational change, and automated testing plan.

Moreover, delivery of IT service is a crucial part in any organizations. Companies like Google, Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Adobe have already taken the entire ‘Developments + Operations’ concepts in practice. It establishes a whole environment where faster, efficient, and cost-effective software deliverables are possible.

Automation and efficiency are the key part of DevOps.

Here are some interesting statistics that may draw your attention towards the use of effective DevOps in any organization:

“By 2018, 90% of I&O organizations attempting to use DevOps without specifically addressing their cultural foundations will fail.” – Ian Head, Research Director at Gartner.

According to 2017 State of DevOps Report,

o 46x more frequent software deployments than their competitors.

o 96x faster recovery from failures.

o 440x faster lead time for changes.

It changes the way how the company delivers the software model through the use of effective processes and tools. DevOps plays an important role to drive the rapidity along with the strategized planning of software development lifecycle.

To ultimately gain insights about how DevOps matters to a business, read on.

Should Business Adopt DevOps?

Using the cloud platforms and collaborative environment, a business can also be benefited by using DevOps in their automation of business processes, here’s how:

Shorter Span of Development

Focusing on collaboration and communication among teams, DevOps ensures faster delivery of software modules. Due to the reduced risk and more clarity about ultimate objectives, it shortens the software development life cycle and brings effective result.

Quality and efficiency

As it suggests continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment/delivery (CD) methodologies, the process will result in improved quality of software solutions that can able to reflect real-time needs.

Reduction in cost

The DevOps principles suggest the immediate implemeay For Data Management Process

ntation of the changes that allows developers and testers to do more with fewer processes. It overall improves the quality through the iterative development cycle and efficient operative way.

Emerging Way For Data Management Process

As it allows to rectify issues with pace and followed by effective implementation, DevOps breaks the code bases into manageable fragments. It is based on agile methodologies and thus, it resulted in rapid processes and decreased failure ratio. The adoption of DevOps incorporates many effective aspects such as security, data management, synched environment, and well-defined operation.

DevOps tools to frame the effective environment

o GitHub

o Docker

o Jenkins

o Ansible

o Puppet

o Nagios

o Relic

These tools are responsible to manage crucial aspects in any project development and deployment along with the effective tracking and synchronization.

Technologies are changing the way of the business like never before with rapid development, innovative thinking, and shared a set of objectives. In this competitive environment, where every business is trying to use maximum out of technological inventions, the concepts like DevOps would help to streamline the efforts and give software deliverables at high velocity. Due to effective communication and well-defined management business processes, it helps to drive agility along with the powerful performance of the system.

It is not a technology or tool, it is a powerful approach that brings synced environment between the developers and operators. For effective time-to-market cycles and faster delivery, cloud-based DevOps mechanism is getting popularity day-by-day. By gaining speed and implementing communicative environment, it ensures the agile relationship between developers and operators.

Whether you’re running your business or starting to implement a new venture, you can’t rely on the same systems and processes. Adoption of the newest technology and rapidity of the processes are crucial aspects to maintain the visibility of your business. Whether it is a good fit for your business or not, the newest approach has already benefited many organizations by the smoother development flow. Breaking the wall between dev and ops, or enabling the ops to provide an environment for developers, DevOps would be your next thing to capitalize on.

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