The client is a prominent educational institute that offers a digital education platform to students. They understood the need for useful learning methodologies in the education system. These methodologies help students prepare for competitive examinations. The client’s willingness and dedication to quality education have revolutionized the field of learning.

Project Highlights

Brainvire’s experts created a digital platform for students with web and mobile interfaces. This new platform provides a modern-age learning experience for students. This digital platform offers interactive chat sessions, informative video content, real-time classroom and doubt sessions, study materials, and a lot more.

The Challenges

  • Simple Learning Module
    Students failed to study properly with a complex module.
  • Live Classes On The App
    Students failed to clear their doubts.
  • Competitive Exam Like Environment
    Students failed to concentrate on tests.
  • Informative and Analytical Reports
    It was difficult to understand a student’s struggle while answering questions.

Tech Stack

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  • Improved connectivity

    Improved connectivity helped students view and learn better from large video content and study material available on the app. Students enjoyed the best viewing experience. Lack of buffering or unnecessary pauses allowed students to learn concepts without interruptions.
  • Seamless Learning Module

    Brainvire’s team provided an organized and subject-wise learning module. This improved the student's learning experience. Students can easily take notes and visualize concept-wise videos as per their preference. All the subjects and courses are aligned together to understand the students better.
  • Live Classrooms

    The third-party tools improved feasibility and improved interactivity. Students can ask queries and doubts to experts and also other students. The live classroom room session allowed students to study even during the lockdown.
  • GATE-Exam Like Atmosphere

    The client wanted to provide a GATE-exam-like ambiance to the students. Brainvire’s team implemented Grid and List layout for questions and provision of on-screen calculators. The submission of tests will help students to evaluate their progress. This will help them to set achievable goals, work dedicatedly on them, and attain them.
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Client Review

Aum Deshpande

Aum Deshpande

Co-Founder - Vidyalankar

Our partnership with Brainvire empowered us to provide a powerful Edtech solution to students. This modern solution is inclusive of full test exams online, online lectures, auto-generated question papers (subject-wise), and practice sets. This solution also has an automated report feature that offers valuable insights into student’s progress and activities. We are glad that we approached Brainvire and that they surpassed our expectations in crafting the solution.

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