DNN Evoq – Empowering Businesses with a Powerful Web CMS System

DNN or DotNetNuke is a web-based content management system based on the .NET platform. Formerly available as a community edition, DNN is now available for professional and entrepreneurial use with a commercial edition called DNN Evoq. DNN Evoq features a web-based user interface that provides a single point of control for managing web applications through a single management console. This is a fully customizable CMS system rightly suited for business or organizations’ unique requirements.

One of the best things about this content management system is that it is completely user-friendly. It offers simple CMS features that enable even the novice business users to manage their website or CMS system by themselves without any professional help.

Below are a few exciting features of DNN Evoq that provide the complete perception of a powerful web CMS system to the businesses that want to develop CMS websites with DNN.

1. Easy Template Management:

Usually, the typical web CMS systems require developers to create and manage templates via feasible coding and code changes application. In such a case, if the business wants to update its website content template according to its needs, then they would require approaching developers for the purpose. This would mean a lot of work leveraging a lot of developer’s time and costs of the businesses.

However, with Evoq, template creation and management are much simplified as business users can themselves manage out-of-the-box templates for their websites without any programming knowledge required. They can easily create, edit and manage templates for their websites at any point in time and that too very easily. In short, Evoq provides outstanding page templates and content editing capabilities to the novice business users.

2. Easy Visibility into Web Analytics or Website Metrics:

Usually, business users are unaware of the website analytics or key metrics at the page level of the website. Evoq analytics is a feature that provides business users exclusive visibility into key metrics of the web pages as they get on to the management and updating of the website pages. It gives businesses a good understanding of the number of visits a website page gets and thus it helps them track conversions for their CMS website.

3. Mobile-Friendly CMS Website:

DotNetNuke CMS development with Evoq would result in mobile friendly development where the visitors would be able to visit your CMS website even from their mobile devices. Businesses can now edit and manage web content of their website right from their mobile phones.

4. Seamless Third-Party System Integration:

Businesses usually lookout for website development platforms that enable the integration of third-party tools. This is because they are often required to customize their websites according to the future changes or current custom needs. Hence, third-party integrations are efficient, time-saving and cost-effective means to help businesses get completely customized solutions fit for their needs with the changing times.

Evoq supports connectors to help businesses integrate third-party systems into their DNN based CMS websites. Moreover, third-party system integration through Evoq would not require any developer support. So, the costs of third-party tools integration on the website are eliminated.


DNN Evoq is a completely innovative and reliable platform for enterprises looking to go for CMS development based on DNN for their business needs. This DNN CMS solution provides businesses exclusive features so that they can easily manage their CMS website without the help of developers and excessive costs.

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