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One Web Platform that comes with many opportunities!


Amplify information to be quickly disseminated to employees with up-to-date and real-time updates, notifications reinforcing your intranet as a timely and relevant resource

Make common internal business processes more efficient

Provide a sense of community within an organizaiton

Facilitate growth, expand culture and enable new efficiencies and cohesion across your organization

Keep employees engaged and informed

Facilitate collaboration and communication through a personalized intranet. Engage and empower your teams with on-demand access to information

Drive innovation and business success


Pervasive Collaboration & Communication

DNN Intranet Portal surfaces information and makes it easily accessible to everyone across the organization. The Portal touches every department and employee that reflects your unique culture. Make use of the intranet portal to help your employees appreciate being a part of something larger within the organization.


Facilitates Information That Employees Should Be Aware Of

Alerts that contains information about what is happening within the
organization. The intranet portal facilitates organizational communities with collaborative features such as newsletter, events, announcements, new joinee, employee of the month, upcoming birthdays, blog, forums, discussion board, gallery and lots more.

Employee Central – Manage Travel & Leave Requests Easily

Manage travel, leave requests and employee details at your finger tips. Comprehensively manage your profile, identify friends, track different activities and more in a hassle free way.


Smart Directory To Locate Experts Within Your Organization

Access smart directory and locate experts in your organization. An effective search system that enable employees to search by department, name and email id – everything in your network fast and effectively.

Enterprise Level Capabilities

Today Cloud Computing and SAAS (Software As A Service) has become a latest buzz among the giant enterprises. DNN Intranet Portal brings various enterprise level capabilities, ease of integration and extensive support to help organization manage internal processes, improve organizational efficiency through out-of-the-box integration and cloud computing features.


DNN Intranet Portal includes comprehensive portal tools for building scalable and collaborative portal.

Overview of Portal Modules


The Dashboard taps into the data stored in the firm’s systems and provides an easy way for end users to either access or review the information displayed within the dashboard.


A complete module with full user administration allows message administration, comprehensive search, profile management and much more.

Tel Directory

Swiftly locate anyone in the organization. The intranet portal allows you to locate the staff directory based on standard information such as name, email and department.

Process Library

A complete forum module with full user administration and purpose-built collaborative spaces for various departments like sales, marketing,
HR, Admin etc.

Document Libraries

Specify your documents to be displayed based on keywords and numerous other criteria.