The Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Application Development

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The invention of smart phones and tablets has changed the way we live and communicate with each other. Now-a-days every individual possess a mobile device for every aspect of their personal life. More and more businesses are moving towards having a mobile application which will help in streamlining their workflow processes, establish a better communication and provide access to real time data anywhere and anytime.

mobile app development

The mobile developers must possess experience in Mobile Application Development for today’s distributed enterprises to create and build a robust app for the growing range of smart phones,

tablets and other mobile devices. The mobile developers should often work with multiple technologies, highly distributed computing networks and environments often built on a hybrid infrastructure combing legacy systems with newer ones to develop a mobile app that will make employees more productive or customers more informed.

In this article, we will see the essential do’s and don’ts of mobile application development.


Give priority to the user experience

The mobile devices are generally different from a conventional laptop or desktop so it’s imperative that the mobile developers don’t try to simply port an existing desktop application over to mobile. The mobile devices vary in shape, size as well as has different input mechanism so the app should be developed keeping in mind the mobile devices which provides user the required information real fast – no matter what smart phone model a user has, he should be able to utilize all the features and get a satisfactory experience.

Make it device independent

A customer must possess different mobile devices to access the application so it is advisable to design an app in such a way that it works perfect in all types of devices may be a smart phone or tablet. All the functions should work flawlessly and at the same time the look and feel of the app, design orientation should be perfect irrespective of the device used.

Consider real time data

Let’s assume that you are building an app for weather forecast, so incorporating real time data, information and updates from variety of sources will in return make your mobile app more responsive.


Don’t create an app for sake of creating it

Don’t just create an app for the sake of it. First understand the needs of the customers, ask questions such as why the app is needed, who will use it and how it will help the users within the business or industry. Think about how the app can benefit the end customers and then plan the things accordingly to deliver excellent results.

Don’t copy

There are thousands of mobile apps available today around the world. When developing a mobile app focus on the complex or simple functionality, features and iterate quickly with shorter development cycles. It is important to develop an app for an end user to increase user satisfaction ratio.

Don’t forget about security

Security is one of the most important thing in an app that the user will look before downloading it. The ease with which the mobile devices are lost or stolen makes security and governance even more imperative while developing a mobile app either for business purpose or for a general end user.

I hope this article will give you an insight about the do’s and don’ts of mobile application development. So, if you are looking for mobile app development, contact us today only!

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