Building a Fully-functioning eCommerce Platform with Adobe Commerce Cloud

Dec 22, 2022 Dallas, USA

Guns are lethal weapons that must be handled with extreme care. Gun ownership is not without consequences, and it is essential to recognize this from an early age. Similarly, familiarize yourself with the rules governing individual firearm components and accessories. Find out whether federal and state regulations apply to purchasing the specific gun component you intend to buy.

This is why this industry-leading firearm accessories manufacturer effectively distinguishes ammo from other gun components. As a supplier of components for firearms of all eras and origins, our client helps to preserve the American tradition of firearms. They are proud to serve as the go-to gun parts provider, both now and in the future, with a wide variety of modern and vintage components.

They’re helpful to the shooting community since they have the widest variety of unusual components for guns. In addition, they have made a name for themselves as a go-to source for authentic, factory-issued gun components from every major manufacturer, both foreign and domestic, both current and long-defunct. Furthermore, they have the most incredible database of firearms plans online. They focus on selling throughout the US and Canada; however, there are regional distribution limitations on some of their items.

Nonetheless, they need a reliable system to do this on a global scale. Third-party providers maintain the ASP.NET platform on the client’s current website. They’ve decided to build a fully functional B2C website using Adobe’s commerce cloud platform.

When asked about online gun distributors' business approach in the eCommerce market, Brainvire CEO Chintan Shah responded, “There are many federal, state, and municipal rules to consider. Users will probably need to go via a licensed dealer, at the very least, to comply with federal law. And to manage that front, our client wants to integrate Colinear Response, an ERP system, with Adobe Commerce so that they can more easily manage items, shipping rules and limits, order shipment and tracking information, and more. They also want to increase the website's user base via digital marketing efforts, and they plan to transfer a sizable quantity of data from their current website to the new one.”

They provide a wide selection of items for all customers, but some may only be purchased by FFL holders and can only be shipped and billed to the addresses allowed by the FFL. Therefore, the system must verify whether the consumer is eligible to buy the restricted items only for FFL. Thus, whenever they add products to the basket and proceed to checkout, the system will flag them and show the error message to remove the product or change the billing and shipping address, as the restricted products only will be purchased by the FFL holder and only will be rendered to the approved address.

The client has one product that needs to be separated from the rest of the products of the cart because it will be shipped differently. So, when a customer puts that one item in their shopping bag and places an order, the system must split the order in the backend and create two orders by separating that one item. As a result, the system will send the same two order information to colinear response, and the customer will also see two different orders in their My account.

In addition, the client wants to provide a Discussion Forum where registered users may ask any questions about the ammo. However, if a user attempts to publish harmful remarks, irrelevant information, or links, the administrator may prevent them by blocking the customer or the links from the system. 

We also set up in-depth exploration conversations with customers to learn what they needed and expected from the new website and us. Then, to increase the return on investment for our customers, our team of specialists used their collective expertise to develop a website that exceeded their expectations.

Due to the nature of the products they offer, they cannot engage in widespread conventional advertising; as a result, they have enlisted our digital marketing specialists to assist them in boosting their SEO ranking and Google Analytics statistics to reach a wider audience.

Feel free to email us at info@brainvire.com or call us if you have any questions about our Adobe development services. 

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