Drive Agility And Responsiveness In Your Business With Azure

Have you ever wondered why small platforms are able to get their reachability across the globe quickly?

Let this post help you understand the trending cloud scenario along with the definition, usefulness, and implementation.

This is a time where every organization’s focus is on automating repetitive tasks and implementing latest technology trends. To simplify business processes and result in significant growth, each organization is taking help of technologies. It’s clear that the ever-changing business needs and IT enhancement are closely related to solve problems with higher efficiency.

Have a look at these eye-opening facts about how cloud computing services are changing the business world.

Cloud computing is predicted to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020 achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) at 19%.

74% of Tech Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) say cloud computing will have the most quantifiable influence on their business in upcoming years.

By the end of 2018, at least half of the IT spending will be cloud-based, considering IT infrastructure, software, and platforms.

Here are All the Answers You Need to Have:


Cloud Computing: A Real Buzzword, How?

When you store data on your hard drive, it is called local storage from which you are running some programs and distribute across all the channels.

Now, broadening this concept, cloud computing is storing your data in the cloud, simply means internet, and access programs and resources over the internet. That’s what basically cloud computing is.

Enabling ubiquitous nature across all the platforms and resources, Cloud computing is a paradigm that allows on-demand computing delivery right from the applications, data centers, storage, applications, and services.

Let’s not go deeper into technical aspects. To put it simply, when you want to achieve efficiency and rapidity in your business, cloud computing allows you to build a synchronized and well-managed architecture across the organization.

How It Matters to Your Business?

It is entirely different concept when a cloud comes to your business. Let’s be clear, how it affects.

Many organizations are using cloud services in different ways as there is diversified usability depending on requirement. In today’s world, where every business is striving to get sustainable growth, the cloud can extend your technological capabilities by collaborating in application development, infrastructure, support, and maintenance.

“Experience the agility that cloud brings in project management along with exploring new possibilities and expansion.”


Who Are Providing Cloud Services?

The tech-giants Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet Corp, and Intel have launched cloud services enabling agile processes in the creation of new products and services and maintaining existing one through an advanced-level execution paradigm.

Among these giants, Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing business is showing notable growth of 90 percent over the year. Microsoft Azure is a complete set of cloud services that are used to build, deploy, and manage applications. It is used widely by IT professionals and developers to effectively build apps and web-based solutions.

To date, AWS and Azure are big leaders in cloud computing and Azure is backed by many renowned organizations due to its capability to build amazing and scalable apps.

Why Choosing Cloud Service For Your Business Is Smart Decision?

Start-ups are using cloud services straightforwardly as they do not have to deal with the legacy systems. Comparatively, it is quite challenging for a recognized business to migrate to the cloud.

Considering the IT and cloud evolution, the cloud migration from legacy system became easy, making the transformation more efficient and rapid.

Cloud computing is an ideal way for small business to result in a reduction of cost, synchronized environment, and effectual project management.

Regardless of the business type and size, cloud enables your IT capabilities to expand as fast your business evolves. It is a practice and set of technologies that result in a collaborative environment and smoother transactional flow.

Wait, do you think it is a time to expand your business with cloud services? Or have you found it difficult to implement in your business?


The Solution is Here.


Microsoft Azure: Drives Evolution to Your Business

As Microsoft dominates the world with Windows Operating system and lot more tools, Microsoft’s Azure is gaining in popularity nowadays with highly focused contributions to bring productivity.

In Microsoft Azure, there are many consumable services that can be used to form a comprehensive solution for your business. The constantly evolving phase of Azure has made serverless computing possible along with security, efficiency, and rapidity. As a result, big brands are embracing Azure services to maintain highly-scalable solutions.

Furthermore, Azure provides Azure Functions, which is a key component of Azure for a complete advanced solution. Azure Functions provide a serverless environment to take cloud services to the next level. This whole aspect can change the development atmosphere allowing more focus on implementing business logic.

The serverless architecture is next phase of cloud computing which is built on top of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). To have serverless architecture doesn’t mean that you don’t require a server to run the code. Instead, Azure is focusing on well-designed architecture by automating and abstracting virtual machine, application frameworks, and dependencies.

Calling it a wrap, Azure is giving a modern touch to your business by simplifying maintenance and development processes. It provides a chain of benefits which is what needed to extend technical capabilities of your business.

Cloud is changing the entire business world by enabling the advanced and equipped environment across the organization. To respond to competition through streamlined execution way of business, the cloud is the solution.

Embrace agile approach and see the change it brings in your organization.

We can help! Tell us about your organization and we will get back to you with a comprehensive solution that befits your needs. Hire Azure Developers from Brainvire for your business growth.

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