Drupal Development Basics – How To Become A Successful Drupal Developer?

There is no denying that Drupal is a great platform to build applications for, and it is a community supported framework that has been extensively used by the developers to create, present, organize and manage the websites. Today, millions of websites across the world are powered by Drupal, and more ‘n’ more people are approaching to a professional Drupal development company to get their job done in a smoother way.
No matter what are your requirements and how complex they are, you can use Drupal to build websites or applications that cater your business needs on the go. Due to its whole host of benefits and features, it has become a preferred choice among the developers as well as in the businesses approaching Drupal development company. Are you planning to get into the Drupal development? Here’re a few tips to hone your Drupal development skills.

Learning Drupal Tip #1 - Getting Started

One of the very first steps to start knowing Drupal is to know what are your skills and where you’re when it comes to use Drupal for web development. If you’re into web development and getting into Drupal CMS, you will probably have to start in a different place than the rest of the ones having zero knowledge of other CMSs.
However, it is important you do a little bit self-reflection and find out how you can learn Drupal speedily and effectively. You can find plenty methods to know and learn Drupal, and you will have to identify the best suitable method for you.

Learning Drupal Tip #2 -

Regardless of the method you choose to learn Drupal, you must start with setting up an account on as there are plenty of pages over the website that will help you get started with this amazing CMS on the go. The Drupal documentation page is a good starting point.
You can also have a look into IRC or the Drupal forums in order to get immediate support if you get stuck somewhere during the coding or learning phase. Sometimes it is good to know you are not fighting the Drupal learning curve alone.

Learning Drupal Tip #3 - Videos

If learning by watching is your preferred learning method, you can find tons of online videos on the popular Drupal sites.

Learning Drupal Tip #4 - Books

No matter who you are, whether you are an experienced Drupal developer or a beginner, Using Drupal is a great reference to start with. It focuses mainly on creating Drupal through the admin interface without even requiring to dive into the code.
Another book is Drupal’s Building Blocks, which specifically highlights and discuss more on Drupal 6, but also covers different concepts of CCK, views and panels. Apart from this, there are tons of other reference material you can find online

Learning Drupal Tip #5 - Drupal Websites or Blogs

Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or whatever your search engine of choice may be, will definitely aid you in your Drupal learning curve. There are many blogs and websites like CodeKarate that are here to help.
Apart from all these, you can also consider various posts and contents available for Drupal. It would surely help you get your doubts cleared on the go. Want to leverage from a professional Drupal development company? Get in touch with us now!

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