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Effective eCommerce Solutions Boost Website Traffic and Revenue for A Leading Healthcare Firm

Brainvire - ecommerce solution for healthcare firm

About Client

The client provides affordable lab tests in most cities in the U.S. The users don’t need a doctor’s prescription to get tests done. The users can compare the client’s lab test prices with other companies. The client provides tests at a reasonably lesser cost than its contemporaries. The client vouched for the Brainvire team to provide them with much-needed eCommerce solutions to boost website traffic and revenue.

About Product

Based on the client’s requirement of an effective eCommerce solution, the Brainvire team offered a proven digital marketing strategy. Brainvire specialists suggested actionable strategies to improve organic traffic on the website. Brainvire’s digital marketers also provided improved organic ranking with the help of the right link strategy. The team also enhanced the website to provide a customer-friendly website.

How we did it ?


Organic ranking

Poor website speed has a huge influence on the organic ranking of the site. The website speed indirectly affects user experience and hence Brainvire specialists suggested an effective link strategy to improve organic ranking.

Website speed

Poor website speed can disappoint the website’s potential audience. Slow speed also affects the brand image of the client. Therefore, Brainvire professionals recommended an effective process to boost website speed.

Organic traffic

When a website’s speed is slow, this has a huge negative influence on the client’s organic traffic. Brainvire experts resolved the issue of a slow website. This eventually improved the organic traffic of the website.

Overall organic traffic:

Brainvire team used the right combination of actionable strategy and linking strategy to boost organic traffic. An increased website speed resulted in increased overall organic traffic. The client is likely to earn 20%-30% growth in the next few months.

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