Eight Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Magento 2 Development

Magento 2.0 ecommerce platform was launched last year which is complete revamp of the popular Magento 1.x, featuring many types of front-end and back-end improvements. This new Magento platform was designed for allowing companies to fulfill ambitious goals and able to get benefit from faster development time. This platform also allows developers to create lots of new functionalities, which are difficult to develop in the earlier Magento versions. Here, I have given some prime reasons behind the popularity of the Magento 2 Development.

1. Improved Performance and Page Loading Time:

Test results conducted by many expert developers reveal that Magento 2 is really fast and effective framework that reduces the significant amount of development time. Moreover, In Magento 2 page loading time is also very fast.

2. Enhanced Flexibility:

This new improvement of Magento platform has a great potential as it allows developers to utilize many new features. There are many features, such as CRM, sales or checkout which can be enabled or disabled without doing significant changes in its code. Magento web developers have worked on the platform’s Testing Framework so that functionality tests could be conducted in a faster manner.

3. Improved Customer Checkout Process:

Magento 2 Development tool has highly improved checkout process. In the website developed using this new platform customers do not need to remember the password to enter the website once they log out apart from that ordering process has also been improved and the field where the user was asked to choose credit card type has been removed.

4. Improved User Experience:

Customer’s experience is one of the major highlight of this new platform. Magento 2.0 developers realized and fulfilled the demand of the shoppers for personalized and engaging experience and so that they can access the website from any device without any difficulty. Magento 2 ecommerce development platform also allows creating websites supported by devices with different screen resolutions.

5. Compatibility with Many Popular Platforms:

Magento 2 supports many popular technologies as HTML5, JQuery, CSS3, and RequireJS and Apache 2.2. Visual Design Editor will allow developers to modify blocks and containers of the website via admin panel.

6. Highly Improved Admin Panel:

Managing admin panel has been made far easier for processing orders and managing products and categories. Moreover, sorting your products by adding more columns to the grid has never been quicker. After involving a grid view in the admin panel, store owners can edit any information directly as they can make changes just like in an excel worksheet.

7. Entirely New Interface:

Magento’s new default theme "Lumo" is certainly one significant change as compared to its predecessor. New typography, mobile-friendly images look wonderful which is helpful for developers to create an eye-catching user interface.

8. Enable Faster Add to Cart Response Time:

In the earlier Magento version, it is very common to complain that it takes too much time to add any product in the shopping cart especially for those users that have a very slow speed of the internet. This problem is resolved with Magento 2 as it speeds up the add to cart process.

Therefore, it is no surprise that today many business organizations prefer Magento 2 Development as it allows them to create their ecommerce site which supports wide ranges of functionalities and offers faster response time to users. This also helps organizations to provide faster and user-friendly website that certainly increases their ecommerce business.

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