Enterprise Mobility – A Rising Boom!

The enterprise mobility is booming in today’s rising economy and creating opportunities for providing mobile solutions across various geographical regions, vertical markets and mobile user types. According to the Emerging Market Enterprise Survey, the enterprise employees are calling attention to the increased mobility where they can have quick and easy access to the business critical information. The new enterprise mobility business will provide cutting-edge and end-to-end product and mobile or windows development services coupled with business and application specific solutions from a vast channel partner network.

Today’s businesses need to tackle explosion of big data and act in real time. This could not have been possible to achieve without Mobility. With the huge range of mobile business apps and the most robust mobile platform around like Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, laravel development, Symbian, we are hopeful of strong growth in the enterprise mobility market. The investments in mobile devices and wireless services are becoming very promising as it enables the growing number of mobile workers to interact with customers, employees, stake holders and other businesses in real time, any time and from any physical location.

Brainvire specializes in enterprise mobility services and solutions across all the major mobile platforms and the emerging mobile technologies to deliver the state-of-the-art mobility solutions by using the full feature set of smart phones and tablets. We are well-versed with the advance platforms such as Afaria, Sybase Unwired, Syclo, appsFreedom, Exxova to deliver the strong and robust enterprise mobility solutions and services. We have also developed an automated application testing platform to make the testing procedure fast, consistent and reusable. Our domain expertise, diverse industry knowledge, technical capabilities and a global team of resources offers the best enterprise mobility solutions that help to increase the overall business productivity, maximize ROI and capitalize on all the mobility offers.

Everyone, it seems like getting into the enterprise mobility industry because of its astounding results. The people who work remotely can now have social bonding between employees through collaboration tools. The mobile-enabling enterprise apps also enable decision makers to take informed decisions on the move through up-to-date performance indicators on the dashboards of their mobile devices. Such is the rapidity of change in the mobile technology industry and mobility is driving significant changes in the way organizations source technology and technology services.

The enterprises are taking an array of approaches in handling this new mobility, no matter to which business vertical you belong. The revenue generating business services like sales, customer service, app-based marketing etc. are the top areas driving the growth of enterprise mobility in many organizations across different sectors. Moving further, the enterprise mobility is going to continue to shape ahead of the rapidly changing technology and will drive and enhance the customer service and increased productivity.

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