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Enterprises Prefer PhoneGap for Mobile App Development – Why?

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Every enterprise or small business is now opting for mobile app development. The reason is the broader reach aspect of the mobile platform. Yes, today mobile devices are being used by most of the people across the globe for finding products or services and also for purchasing them online. So, through the apps for mobile devices, businesses can now target a larger segment of audience across the globe for their brand promotion and sales requirements. Since Android and iOS are the two major mobile platforms, the businesses are willing to target them for better profits. They are now opting to develop mobile applications targeted to individual mobile devices running on these two operating systems and hence, they require a platform that can make this task easy and cost effective for them.

Enterprises Prefer PhoneGap for Mobile App Development - Why

PhoneGap application development seems to be the right answer for this need of the enterprises and developers who can write a single code base for a specific platform and share it for development across the other platforms. Previously, when there were no cross-platform tools like PhoneGap, the developers had to code for every single platform. Hence, this was a very daunting and too much time consuming task. Even, the enterprises had to invest more and wait for more time in order to get mobile applications ready for the market. So, PhoneGap eliminates these issues and enables faster time to market for enterprise mobile apps thereby ensuring better profits and ROI for the businesses through mobile technology.

So, what is PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is an open source framework used for cross-platform mobile application development. It enables developers to build native mobile apps for almost any mobile device using technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With PhoneGap development, developers can build equivalent apps with very much similar features as that of the native apps for devices.

How can PhoneGap benefit Enterprises?

Most of developers prefer PhoneGap for mobile application development when particularly it is development for various platforms. The reason is the advanced features and support this framework offers to the developers. Let us now understand a few benefits offered by PhoneGap.

  • When native apps to target various mobile devices are developed with platforms like Objective-C on iOS and Java, it requires developing as well as maintaining different sets of codes in the long run. But with PhoneGap that allows for using a single shared code base, this task becomes very easy.

  • This open source framework supports a standard approach for platform-independent apps development with HTML5 and hence, enables for app development that ensures better reach and also improves the user experience.

  • With PhoneGap, it is possible to utilize the full potential of a mobile device thereby allowing enterprises to create highly featured native-like apps for different mobile devices.

  • Support by great community allows developers to get on with the development work smoothly. Developers can get support from the community from where they can get tutorials, examples and much more knowledge for efficient app development.

  • Moreover, as PhoneGap uses JavaScript technology, it becomes a lot easier for the JavaScript experts to develop platform-independent apps with this framework. Hence, for organizations that have in-house JavaScript experts they can leverage their existing expertise to develop cross-platform apps in a cost effective manner.

So, there are a lot of benefits enterprises can reap through PhoneGap application development. If you have a small business or an enterprise and willing to go for app development targeted to various mobile devices, Brainvire can offer you the best PhoneGap development services in town to meet your customized needs. Just check out for further details.

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