Fabulous Five Reasons to Choose Zend Framework for your next project

In this tech freak world, new technologies keep emerging constantly and amidst so many new technologies coming up in the market, it becomes difficult to understand each one before choosing the one to use in our project. So, all the PHP developers out there, if you are going to start with a new project anytime soon or wanting to improve the existing project, it is advisable to make the use of Zend framework, one of the most recent technologies implemented in PHP5.  This feature-rich framework has been introduced to the market to take PHP development to the next level.

Apart from the minute features and basic benefits like corporate friendly licensing and detect free code base, there are a lot more reasons for the PHP developers behind choosing the Zend framework in the PHP web development. Out of so many advantages of Zend framework out there, let us take a sneak peak of some of the most important benefits here…

Reduced development time:

It is implemented with full support in PHP 5.0 and the architecture of Zend framework is based on Object Oriented Programming so that the developers reuse the code while writing programs, thus reducing the development time, as they do not have to write the duplicate code; which is very useful for the multiple-interface web applications.


The word internationalism itself depicts everything! With Send framework, it is extremely easy for the developers to construct the user friendly websites that is convenient for the users across the world; without worrying about the date and time, language as well as currency of the various countries globally! Zend framework has got its components like ZendLocale language, SendTranslate, ZemdDate and SendCurrency to make it simple for the developers to add up the functionalities in the applications.


The framework has got a lot of components and the number of components is still increasing; making it a huge set of libraries. However, it is loosely coupled; so you can use one or more components as per your requirement.

Open source:

One of the most important benefits of using Zend Framework is that; it is one of the most affordable options to choose from, as it is an open source framework. So, the developers can use it anytime free of cost. Neither there is a need to pay any kind of license fees; nor there is a need to purchase any kind of hardware or software to make use of this framework.

Community support:

The best thing about it is that, it allows you to integrate the photo galleries and Google maps easily into it. In addition to that, you can easily organize the RSS subscription newsletter.
Now that you are aware of some of the most important benefits of using Zend framework in our projects, you would definitely use it in your upcoming projects. With the increasing popularity of Zend framework, there are a lot of PHP developers who are willing to learn Zend framework in order to attain expertise for the same. Good luck for that!
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