Features for Secure Web Application Development with ASP.NET

Many developers opt for ASP.NET platform, when it comes to the development of web applications. This is because the platform has got a strong security infrastructure which eschews various issues related to the safety of the web applications. Usually with the web based applications, safety seems to be an important factor for consideration because they generally contain sensitive user information or important financial data. There are various security features available for the developers to use in ASP.NET application development process. But, it is essential that only the required security features are added to the application because excessive features can have an adverse effect on the performance of your web application. So, choose the security features for your ASP.NET application wisely in order to make it more reliable without any effect on its performance.

While the developers have got many built-in security features to use in their ASP.NET web application development process, there are also many features which they can even add through plugins. This article presents a few important security features that make ASP.NET, an apt platform for the development of web apps that handle sensitive user data. For example, consider the web apps that ask for authorization and login details from the users.

  • Authentication:

Authentication means to validate a user for finding whether he or she is a registered user or not for using an application. There are different options to set authentication process the users have go through before opening of the ASP.NET application. There could be individual form based authentication, windows authentication or even enterprise authentication. Every authentication process has got its own credits and loopholes as well. So, a careful selection of authentication process as per desired functionality for your ASP.NET application is recommended.

  • Access Security:

There are generally two kinds of access security features supported by ASP.NET framework and those are data access security and code access security. While data access security deals with preventing the unauthorized or illegal access to the database, code access security is to restrict the access to the system resources with our code. The framework allows the developers to set various access rights for the users to use the application. For example, consider that few users would be given permission to only read the data in the app, while a few may be allowed to both read and write and so on. This kind of access rights will ensure better safety of the data from unauthorized users.

  • Configuration:

Configuration settings for ASP.NET web application are very important. For example consider the configuration file security settings that are configured in Machine.config and Web.config files. While the base and default settings are established in Machine.config file, site and application specific settings are established in Web.config file. As we are aware that there is a connection string to connect with database. Giving database credentials in this connection string is a bad practice which most developers do. Ensure that you encrypt the connection string in such cases in order to ensure safety of such sensitive information.

  • Two Step Authentication:

In the ASP.NET web application development process, the developers can possibly add a module for the two step authentication for the app. This authentication process initiates SMS based verification or code based verification through email for validating the authorized users for access of the app. This kind of authentication is just apt when your app deals with some crucial transactions like that of monetary transactions.
Integrating the above mentioned security features in the ASP.NET application development process or share point development the developers can ensure creating reliable and safer web applications which can transfer sensitive user information or critical financial data securely.

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