Gear Up your B2B Ecommerce With All-Inclusive ORO Commerce

A retail world embarked on transforming technology solutions to begin a new epoch in retail or commerce industry.
The retail sector has been moved to the ecommerce from the ground up and geared towards momentous B2B and B2C sales. The ecommerce variant such as B2B (Business-to-business) offers a distinctive approach for businesses to establish the chain of businesses and integration of supply chains.

Noteworthy Milestone in B2B Marketplace by ORO Commerce

After lucratively co-founding and driving Magento Venture to a dominant place in the market, the Oro’s founders Yoav Kutner, Roy Rubin and, Dima Soroka have announced the launch of B2B marketplace platform- ORO commerce that contemplates the specific needs in B2B ecommerce.

B2B ecommerce implies the broader range of business model that forms an entire chain with the seller, an intermediate buyer, final consumers, distributors, resellers, and suppliers. The B2B ecommerce is rapidly changing towards comprehensive technology solution and henceforth addressing the revolution of the B2B market.

ORO commerce is specifically built for B2B Marketplace. Addressing the precise requirements of the B2B marketplace, OROCommerce has set up to maintain the true architecture of B2B transactions.

The ORO commerce platform offers a wide range of out-of-the-box solution for B2B businesses. Features like fully customized environment along with ERP, CRM integrations, this open-source platform offers the complete set of B2B features.

It provides the all-inclusive and advanced features that recognize the true interaction in B2B Market such as:

1) Satisfy all the B2B ecommerce transactional needs

2) Maintain multiple versions of price list for diversified group of customers

3) Manages the corporate accounts with ease

4) Build robust base of buyer-seller relationships

5) Creates an enhanced channel of consumers, multiple organizations and intermediate buyers

6) Provides seamless integrations with ERP and CRM

7) Ability to maintain personalized catalogs and shopping lists

8) The comprehensive and flexible workflow across buyer-seller related process

The B2B businesses are already running at high peak and creating the endless opportunities in the market. According to Forrester Research, the B2B eCommerce will project to reach $1.1 trillion and report for 12.1% of all B2B sales in the US by 2020. B2B businesses already show an opportunity double the size of consumer ecommerce; in 2015, when B2C ecommerce sales in the U.S gained $325 billion, B2B ecommerce attained $780 billion.

The current trends are in B2B marketplace showing the acute demand for a dedicated B2B platform wherein they can deal with complexities that arise in B2B businesses and manage the complete level of customization.

Although having enough B2C development platforms, the B2B market needs customized and dedicated B2B software to rationalize the complexities and provide ground up technological B2B solution. Whether it’s a Customer relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise resource planning (ERP) or Enterprise application development, the constant reflections in the businesses communication insist a fully-fledged solution. Gaining the competitive advantages, the founders of ORO have developed the B2B solution to match the defined B2B scenario.

Gaining the complete customization and robust ecommerce application functionalities, ORO commerce won the game of B2B software by storm.

Brainvire covenants a partnership with OROCRM:

Following proven methodologies and customized solution, Brainvire is an OROCRM partner with the ability to build top-notch ecommerce solutions. Leveraging expertise in ecommerce, Brainvire caters the fulfillment of business transformation into an ecommerce way.

Being a prolific OROCRM partner, Brainvire enables enterprise’s success applying the open-source platform features and leveraging the ecommerce expertise. More and more retailers and entrepreneurs are taking their steps ahead to expand the ecommerce era.

ORO Commerce and OROCRM venture jointly create boundless opportunities for expansion and meet the specified needs of an ecommerce business along with B2B and B2C features.

Being an end-to-end and progressive IT consulting firm, Brainvire has created customized solution to deliver intuitive user experience in the ecommerce era through this venture.

The B2B and B2C sales are acknowledged across the world defining the digital nature of retail. Thus, investing in the ecommerce would bright the spotlight in retail enterprises through B2B and B2C development. The flexibility and scalability of ORO commerce will make new heights in the B2B world. Integrating CRM and ERP with your B2B portal will align your defined requirements into desirable digital manner.

How Brainvire redefines the B2B sector?

Irrespective of business size and type, digital transformation is being the key to a success nowadays. Increasing number of retailers is moving towards streamlining the business process through the maximum technology usage. Hence, it is imperative that the B2B or B2C development can add a value.

With the B2B ecommerce website development services, you can attain the well-defined objectives including store management, supply chain management, merchandise transactions, order management, and stock management. Following emerging trends and updated tools, B2B ecommerce development has potential to reach at the remarkable elevation.

Here are some accommodating features of B2B Marketplace:

1) One platform for buyers and sellers to manage the display and sell functions

2) Integrate different vendors at one place to provide unmatched user experience

3) Complete Order management and supply chain integrations

4) Integrate with ERP and CRM to streamline the whole B2B transactional processes

5) Vendors can comprehensively manage the products and services with defined attributes

6) Synchronized inventory management and warehouse functions

7) Enhance the visibility of stores by optimizing the ecommerce technologies

8) stay ahead of the rest through precise Workflow management and customer data management

9) Incorporate ERP functions to aids in core functionalities of businesses that enable you to track real-time data

10) Opportunity for B2B organizations to create compelling online presence

Achieving the new heights in ecommerce era through the automation of B2B and B2C, a retail world is all set to empower the business enterprise to broaden their horizons. The pioneer ecommerce B2C development platform, Magento and from the same founders- ORO commerce is making a splash in the market offering B2B solution.

The high level of flexibility and fully customized solution of ORO commerce fits the business needs and create unparalleled performance in terms of ensuring the growth of an enterprise. The B2B and B2C ecommerce development target the ultimate objectives of high ROI through the feature-rich application platform.

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