Healthcare app development – What’s New and why it’s Revolutionary?

For health related information, 75% of the UK individuals search on the internet.This is where the healthcare app development comes into the picture. Further, in addition to the facts, a forecast says that in 2018, the healthcare market will reach 21.5 billion dollars across the globe. And, it’s being said that Europe itself will contribute 7.1 billion dollars. So, per year the growth expected is more than 50%, which is huge!

Benefits of healthcare mobile app


For Healthcare providers


  • Less paperwork

As the patients are opting online, everything in formal can be done via email or message.

  • Fewer hospital admissions

Many health problems are taken care of directly, so no need to be admitted to hospital for small treatments.

  • Less occupation of hospital beds

In many reputed hospitals, often beds’ shortage problem occurs. With the use of the app, not all patients are advised to get admitted. So critical patient doesn’t have to wait.

  • Daily two extra patients can be seen

Time consumption is less for personal attention to the patient. So more patients can be seen.

  • Minimizes avoidable service use like ambulance

The ambulance is for an emergency situation. And because of mobile apps, it would work exactly for what it created.

  • Improved outcome

Patients’ records are all available in the app. So treatment and other outcomes would become better and better.For Patients

  • High satisfaction

A study says that in the US 97% app users are satisfied with the healthcare mobile apps.

  • Boost in confidence

Patients have gained confidence because of outcomes provided by the app.

  • Good treatment compliance

All the best possible facilities are provided by the app. So treatment’s level definitely improves for better.

Some useful examples of healthcare mobile app development



It is a community of more than 3, 00,000 patients, and more than 2300 medical conditions. Community shares data regarding medical conditions and helps in treatment and clinical trials. All this information is publically available even to non-members also. People get good help and recommendations from this community.

Doctor on demand

This app fixes a video chat with a doctor with around 40$ fees charge. Doctor can prescribe medicines for non-critical conditions like a cough and cold, sports injuries, urinal infections, respiratory tract infections etc. Existing prescriptions can also be refilled through this app.

Mobile technology in Africa

In Kenya medical infrastructure is not in good condition. Botswana has deployed a mobile application which has helped in preventing malaria problem in a useful way. A pregnant woman is guided for child and mother’s health via messages.

Microsoft HealthVault

It is an online service as well as mobile application. It lets you save all your medical records updated and secured. It also lets you share these records with medical practitioners. It is very popular amongst families.

Patients know best (PKB)

This is again patient’s personal record system. But this lets you link with some wearable medical devices and record vitals of your body. It can be sent to doctors also. If something unusual or abnormal happens, this app throws alerts.


This is an app between doctors. It helps one doctor to consult another doctor. It is a messaging app. Only your doctor can invite you to download this app and then you can proceed. It can be used for follow-up. A surgeon can use this to consult x-ray person or laboratory person for further assessment.

Big white wall

This app provides a platform to share your mood. It’s like social media where one can chat a lot. Users find this very useful for handling day to day activities.

Beating the blues

It is mainly for those patients who are suffering from anxiety and depression. They feel better because of this app. Recovery time decreases in this case. Symptoms get reduced because of social help though this app.


This is a messaging service for pregnant women and newborn mothers. Support, help, advice and reminders are provided by this app.


This is an app which offers symptom checker, self-help things. It also provides articles about health. It also provides a feature to e-consult a doctor.


World always welcomes anything which works towards the betterment of person’s health. Healthcare mobile app development is going higher in this direction. Choose the app which suits you more.

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