How to Select Between CMS or PHP Framework for Website Development Needs of Your Business?

When it comes to website development, every business wants to get the best. They want to develop trendy corporate websites which can attract potential customers and help them stay in the tough competition. There are two major things - CMS and PHP frameworks that are the choice of the modern businesses for their web development requirements. While PHP framework development has got its own advantages, CMS development is nowhere less offering equal benefits to the businesses for web development.

It has always been a difficult choice for the businesses to make a selection between these two to meet their web development needs. In order to make a wise selection, the business would initially require to understand about CMS and PHP frameworks and their importance for web development. They would have to realize the distinguishing features between the two if they want to make a profitable decision for creating a beneficial online presence. Here are a few tips and distinguishing features between CMS and PHP frameworks to help all those businesses out there wondering which would suit their requirements the best.

Defining CMS and PHP Frameworks

CMS or Content Management System enables the owner of the website to have complete control over its content. The website owner through not a technical person can easily make changes to the content on his website from its back-end when its CMS based website. On the other hand, PHP frameworks are based on user written, customized codes within a readily defined set of rules. It is possible to develop a highly customized and feature-rich website with frameworks but cannot be accessed by the novice users or beginners having no or negligible idea of them.

Distinguishable features of CMS and PHP frameworks

There are three crucial factors you need to consider when opting for website development and it’s on this basis you can even judge a better and most suitable platform for WordPress development services.


Talking about the security of your web application, it is better to go for web development with PHP frameworks instead of CMS because CMS is an open source entity that is open to everyone and hence, it is more vulnerable to security threats like SQL injection, cross-site scripting etc. PHP frameworks are more secure for corporate web development needs rather than CMS system.


Based on your business needs, you might need your website to have various features and functionalities which can be integrated in it through third-party applications. You may require your website to connect with various other applications or perform various operations that are independent of each other. In all the cases, you need a platform that offers great flexibility to let you customize your website in the way you need it to be. When you opt for website development with PHP frameworks, you get maximum flexibility to customize your website as compared to a CMS system.

User Experience:

CMS systems are usually built with website user or manager in mind and hence, are usually user-friendly which is not possible by default with frameworks. With frameworks, developers need to specifically use the library functions and other third-party tools to develop user-friendly interfaces for websites. So, if building user-friendly website is your need, then opting for CMS web development would be a better option.

So, it clearly depends on your business requirements which will suit your web development needs better - CMS or PHP frameworks. Taking all the above factors into consideration and the most important one for your needs, you can clearly and easily select between the CMS and PHP frameworks for your website needs. You can always consult the IT experts or the experienced IT professionals who have earlier worked on projects similar to your requirements. They can give you best guidance as what will be better for you. They can guide you on selection of CMS or web development with PHP frameworks for your business as they will clear idea of pros and cons behind every technology whether it is CMS like WordPress development, Drupal or Joomla or PHP frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter etc.

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