Importance of Android application development for Businesses

The importance of Android mobile app development for businesses of today cannot be emphasized on enough. Creating an Android App, just for the sake of it, or just because it is the current trend is waste of time, money and efforts. When you decide to go mobile with Android apps development for your business, also understand how you can put that app to good use and generate revenue for your business either directly or indirectly by helping you improve some of your business processes.
Here are some pointers. You can then select which Android Business model is right for your business. Ensure you understand thoroughly what you are expecting your mobile app to do, and what it should accomplish for your business.

Pay To Download

In this model, you get paid for your mobile application even before it has been downloaded. A user makes a decision of downloading your app by looking at the description, images or videos that you have uploaded with the app to the app store. It will also greatly depend on the reviews by other users and comments that are posted.
With this business model, you must ensure that your app delivers as per customer expectations or atleast what you promise the customers about your app. If not – it’s bound to fail. Customer trusts that your app does what it says it will – that’s why you get paid up front.

In-App purchase

In-App purchases are becoming very common these days. Users of your app only pay for either unlocking some features, if they wish to purchase virtual or digital goods, etc. You can include in-app purchases for free apps downloads, and then include paid feature unlocks or digital downloads . If a user likes your app, they will not hesitate to pay for value services or extra offerings.


Another most popular business models for your Android Apps is advertising. Banner ads from different advertising networks like iAd, Admob, Tapjoy, MobClix, etc. they generally pay as Cost per mille (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC) etc.


Lead or sales generation commissions are a good way of monetizing Android apps. Affiliate systems could be a great way to go for Android apps.

Apps providing additional services

Apps that are free to download, but direct users to services of the organization that are paid, are a good way to go. For example you could have an android application for your law firm which is free, but any services availed by users are paid.

Apps that are part of business processes

This is one of the typical business model chosen by companies. These apps are a part of the organization’s broad set of services. This type of business model is quickly gaining popularity amongst all others.

Information apps and Branding apps

These apps provide information and help in building a brand for your business. They are the types that increase credibility and help spread the work about the expertise of your organization.
They help create a large user base for your app and hence more customers for your business.
On a closing note, you can select an app model that suits your business requirement. Be prudent – do not just go with the flow and create an Android App just for the sake of it or because the current trend says so. Selecting the right business model will do a lot of good for your business.

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