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Digital Cloud Transformation Boosts Security and Web Performance for US-based Dental Chain

April 1, 2020, Dallas, USA

Brainvire developed a cloud migration solution to improve website performance and provide flexibility to the dental business. The client is a renowned American dentist. They have more than 50 hi-tech clinics. The client envisioned to help fellow dental practitioners manage their dental profession in a better manner. Brainvire assured to help the client fulfill her mission in the best possible way.

The client was facing some challenges where multiple websites exhibited low performance such as slow loading times and irrelevant website traffic. After many consultations, Brainvire suggested a cloud platform based on the PHP development services framework. We created a cloud migration platform that promises to increase scalability and flexibility for the client's website. The optimized cloud platform also ensures that the website has faster load times while encountering increasing traffic from the web. Brainvire's experts also upgraded the plugins according to the latest version of PHP through WordPress development Services. Another issue was the need to transform multiple websites. Brainvire's design experts changed the face of multiple websites from Squarespace to WordPress. They also created multiple customizations and implemented a workflow for easy movement of information.

The websites also needed a new SEO strategy to improve traffic and conversions. Brainvire's digital marketing and development pros focussed on SEO optimization and error resolution. They also fixed issues such as URL link redirection and speed optimization.

"Cloud computing and servers are slowly becoming the new models for storing essential data for maintaining the confidentiality and preventing data leaks. This cloud server based on PHP is a reliable solution. Brainvire's design and development experts provide tailored solutions that improve website performance and effectiveness," said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire Infotech.

Brainvire's designers and developers transformed multiple websites with a clear SEO plan and resolving performance issues. This resulted in faster loading times for the website so that it can cater to the visitor's needs more effectively. The cloud platform offered more security to the data and website since the privacy of dentists' data will be maintained by hosting the website on secure AWS servers. The website will also rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and attract more relevant organic traffic.

The expertise and creativity of Brainvire's team significantly improved the performance and reach of the client's website. Not only that, but it was also helpful in increasing the security of the website by hosting it on cloud servers. To learn more about Brainvire and its solutions, send an email at [email protected].

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