Capture Value With Your Cloud Journey

Most companies have this question: how do I kick-start my cloud transformation journey?

You can begin your journey with cloud migration. Remember, you may come across a standard migration process but no two migration journeys are the same.

Experts can create a precise roadmap that covers varied touchpoints on the way to your cloud transformation journey.

Enterprises from real-estate to marketing are keen to explore this overarching journey of cloud transformation. They are in a constant dilemma to know when is the right time and whom to approach for this journey.

Almost 85% of enterprises prefer storing sensitive data in the cloud. This proves that an increased number of companies are adopting the cloud platform and its novel expedition.

In this article, we are likely to share light on-

  • Why Should You Adopt Cloud Transformation?
  • Elements That Can Lead to a Successful Cloud Transformation
  • Why Should You Hire the Best?

Why Should You Adopt Cloud Transformation?

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled businesses to adapt to a major transition. Cloud transition is no more a choice but the need of the hour. Businesses that fail to adapt to this change are likely to widen the gap between supply and demand.

However, firms have realized that the best way to manage internal and external activities is through the cloud. As an organization, you can acquire a competitive edge, cost-effective infrastructure, and manage activities effectively with the cloud.

For a couple of companies, the pandemic acts as a catalyst, and entrepreneurs have realized that they need to give additional attention to IT infrastructure through-

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Resilience

Several firms noticed that during the pandemic on-premises data centers were less compatible to offer them the much-needed network connectivity and digital functionality.

Such circumstances made them realize that it is time to switch to technologically advanced solutions. Now, what better than the cloud can provide you hi-tech functionality.

Today, you can observe a couple of late bloomers in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Latin-America regions. They are yet to adopt and experience the exceptional journey of cloud transformation.

Retail, eCommerce, energy, financial, and manufacturing industries are well-acquainted with cloud migration expedition. But, they haven’t explored too far and have just had their first dip in the pool of cloud transformation.

The highlight is that a growing number of firms recognize the need for digital transformation and how it can benefit them during and post-COVID. The first step towards this transformation is to resort to the cloud.


Brainvire’s Azure Cloud Migration and Optimization Expertise

Brainvire is a Microsoft partner and it takes consistent efforts to secure and manage this partnership. Moreover, our capabilities are evident from our successful project implementations and positive outcomes


Some companies have realized this imperative need and are on their path of first-hand cloud experience. This will further empower their business with enhanced services and capabilities.

Elements That Can Lead to a Successful Cloud Transformation

There are several dynamic touch-points in the journey of cloud transformation and a few of them are discussed here:

  • Willingness to Accept Change

The first step towards transformation is the willingness to accept change in your organization. Cloud transformation journey comprises radical changes within your business.

Your workforce must have an inclination to accept this new culture. Initially, it may be daunting to accept the new culture. Constant practice and readiness with the development of the right attitude and skill can simplify the journey.

Business cloud practitioners, certified cloud experts, and cloud architects can guide you in the right direction to imbibe the cloud culture tactfully.

  • Prioritize Quality

Mere obsession with the cloud transformation cost can leave you clueless in the journey. You may end up signing the transformation for the lowest cost but compromising on the business.

Focus on what experts suggest and what is beneficial for your company. These two factors can help you make a rational and effective choice. The choice is not between the lowest bidder; instead the best services.

Build and commit to a healthy relationship with a reliable cloud service provider- a long-lasting partnership that provides guidance at every step of the journey as well as in the future.

  • Gain Clarity on Your Goal

The complexity of cloud transformation can be intimidating with the number transitions and outcomes. World’s renowned hubs are exploring different routes to simplify their cloud journeys.

The key is to kick-start the journey so that you can take a step ahead every day and eventually reach the desired destination.

As cloud professionals, we have observed many such journeys closely during the pandemic. A few firms had to take immediate actions to survive and keep their demand intact.

For instance, with effective cloud transformation, a financial organization witnesses an increase in the number of calls. With the cloud ChatBot, it was convenient to manage the increasing number of calls without stressing the workforce.

This successful implementation gained recognition and more businesses recognized the effective use of data in the cloud. With this transformation, more companies were empowered with accurate analytics and customer service abilities.

With time, the cloud has been ingrained with innovative and intuitive capabilities. A small change in cloud ability can have a dynamic effect on your business. Therefore, ensure that you have an impactful transformation journey that can exceed your business potentials.

  • Why Should You Hire the Best?

Several businesses promise a rewarding cloud transformation journey but only a few of them can fulfill it. Thus, it becomes imperative to hire the best and gain fruitful gains from this revolutionary journey.

Discussed here are few principles that only the best can offer-

  • Customized cloud migration- Based on the pressing issues and business position, experts can create a customized transformation journey. The team can obtain key insights that can help develop an actionable strategy for your business. The team can further guide you for seamless execution.
  • Optimized data migration- Data migration is the most crucial task and only experts can handle it wisely. Trained experts can migrate data on the cloud securely. The use of automated tools removes hassles in the process.
  • Flexibility- Professionals have the vision to acknowledge and rectify pressing issues first and then work on the other issues. A company with global experience can help you adapt to future market scenarios.
  • Digital enterprise- Successful cloud transformation along with high-end capabilities can help discard unwanted costs, align business operations, and improve reach.

It is evident that cloud transformation is not a fad, instead, it’s a mandatory practice that every business must follow to unleash lucrative prospects.

Brainvire can propose and execute a dynamic cloud transformation journey for your business. Connect with us to know more!

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