Enhancing Rug Makers’ Efficiency and Accuracy with Odoo-Shopify Integration

Odoo's End-to-End Solutions become a Game-Changer for Business Processes

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  • Published on July 27, 2023

  • Updated on October 31, 2023

Enhancing Rug Makers’ Efficiency and Accuracy with Odoo-Shopify Integration

In the world of exquisite, handcrafted carpets and rugs, Patterson Flynn has reigned supreme since its establishment in 1943. The company's designs have graced the halls of castles and mansions all around the globe, thanks to its unparalleled ingenuity and dedication to manufacturing top-quality items. However, when the company expanded into textiles, it ran into several bureaucratic hurdles that slowed production and lowered the quality of Patterson Flynn's world-famous accuracy.

After realizing they needed a sophisticated solution to simplify their operations, Patterson Flynn searched for the ideal enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. They looked for a long time before finding Odoo, a complete e-commerce platform offering much-needed integrated functionality. The world's leading maker of carpets and rugs discovered the answers they were looking for in Odoo's extensive array of products.

Integrated Solutions Of Odoo Have an Impressive Impact on Rug-Carpet Maker's Productivity and Accuracy


In this story, we follow Patterson Flynn as they restructure their business with the help of Odoo's all-in-one software. The brand had a significant turnaround in its operations after adopting many modules that improved data administration, financial integration, the efficiency of evaluations, the secrecy of communications, and other areas of the organization. This success story expertly demonstrates how Odoo's all-encompassing solutions propelled Patterson Flynn to the heights of success by increasing their productivity and accuracy to unimaginable levels.

Data Management: A Panacea for Better Organization and More Informed Choices

Patterson Flynn may have benefited much by analyzing their past sales order data. Brainvire, an Odoo installation partner, painstakingly incorporated historical order data into operational procedures while excluding irrelevant details. The company could make better decisions, keep track of inventory, and enhance efficiency because of the simplified data administration. 

Odoo Data Management

They were finding patterns and understanding client preferences allowed for more precise forecasting and planning. Using information on sales happening right now, the company was able to better respond to customers' needs, set reasonable prices, and tailor its offerings to each individual.

Accelerating Business and Accounting Procedures with Seamless Financial Integration

After reviewing Odoo's features, Brainvire recommended enhancing Patterson Flynn's finance procedures. We eliminated duplicate journal entries and synchronized our banking platform with our payment gateway in real time. The team also implemented journal and monetary transaction automation. 

These changes boosted the efficiency of payment reconciliation, reduced manual labor, and made transactions easier for everyone involved. The time it took to process payments and the level of customer satisfaction both went up when they integrated Odoo with several banking channels and payment gateways. Seeing company finances in real time has improved strategic planning and decision-making.

Improved Product Categorization and Pricing  

Brainvire found product assessment and documentation discrepancies when reviewing Patterson Flynn's financial records. Brainers updated the profit and loss statements to reflect the current economic climate by modifying income and expenditure. 

With efficient product categorization and pricing procedures, the business could set prices to generate the most profit while protecting against loss. The company's bottom line and profitability both benefited from the changes.

Better Conversational Privacy: Safeguarding Digital Interactions

Brainvire deployed SendGrid's SMTP to remove daily limits on the volume of messages and emails that Patterson Flynn may send. We improved brand communication through practical techniques because of the updated system's limitless email and message storage. 

Better Conversational Privacy

The company protected customer information and avoided hacking by encrypting all critical communications. By taking this measure, Patterson Flynn was able to protect their customers' privacy, keep their faith in the company's brand, and boost the productivity of their internal communications.

Complete Odoo Solutions Helps the Company Alter their Routines

Odoo's wide variety of available modules significantly influenced the success and transformation of Patterson Flynn's business. Let's take a closer look at the game-changing components that were included there:


The company found that using Odoo's CRM module helped them keep in touch with customers and make more sales in less time. The brand boosted client engagement, sales prospects, and customer happiness using this module.


Brainvire provided Odoo Sales with streamlined procedures like lead generation and deal closing. Data analysis and KPI tracking can improve brand predictions, conversion rates, and general productivity.

Odoo Sales


Odoo's purchase module centralized purchase orders, supplier information, and shipment tracking, streamlining and automating the purchasing process. The streamlining helped save expenses, ensure that the team delivered products on schedule, and strengthen vendor partnerships.


The team easily controlled warehouse operations, stock, and inventory with Odoo's Inventory module. It made stock replenishment easier, decreased the frequency of stock-outs and overstocks, and enhanced the efficiency with which orders could be filled.

Odoo's Inventory module


With the help of the Odoo Website module, we could quickly build and administer a mobile-friendly website. It included online store software, catalog management, and design templates. Website order processing and customer satisfaction were both boosted by the integration with Odoo modules.

Connecting Odoo and Shopify:

Thus, experts integrated Odoo and Shopify thanks to the Odoo Shopify Connector, which connected several e-commerce systems. By synchronizing the two systems, we avoided double-data entry and improved our ability to track inventory and sales across all our sales channels in real time.

Connecting Odoo and Shopify


The automated operations of the Accounting module in Odoo guarantee accurate financial records, expedite accounting procedures, and provide vital decision-making data.

Odoo Accounting

Odoo's Integrated Tools Boost Efficiency and Accuracy:

Odoo's all-encompassing solutions helped Patterson Flynn's efficiency and accuracy soar in many business areas.

Rapid Feedback

The company swiftly produced in-depth reports by putting data into Odoo. By analyzing order data and calculating client lifetime value, salespeople could make more informed decisions, pinpoint problem areas, and monitor their progress.

Account Balancing That's Both Quick and Accurate

Settling financial accounts was sped up using Odoo's accounting features. Odoo's finance features made the time-consuming process of manually reconciling statements ten times quicker while also increasing data security.

Accuracy Enhanced

Odoo's inventory management module supported reliable stock accounting by adequately mapping valuation procedures and accounts. Accurate and timely stock data allowed the company to make more competent stock and supply ordering choices, reducing stock-related mistakes and enhancing inventory management.

Unlimited Email Forwarding

By integrating with SMTP, SendGrid made it possible to forward infinite emails without disrupting delivery. This third-party integration boosted internal cooperation by facilitating constant email communication between team members.

Patterson Flynn's Odoo Experience and the Reinvention of Rugs

Brainvire is a highly esteemed Odoo implementation partner, and Patterson Flynn sought their assistance in the pursuit of operational excellence. Brainvire methodically integrated Odoo's solutions into the company's current infrastructure, thanks to the partnership between Brainvire and Patterson Flynn, which proved to be a game-changer.

Brainvire left no stones unturned to help the brand improve its data management, financial operations, assessment processes, and communication privacy using its extensive expertise and experience. Due to Brainvire's thorough approach, all of Patterson Flynn's activities were considered and implemented in Odoo's suite of apps without a hitch.

Patterson Flynn has reached new heights in producing high-quality carpets and rugs with the help of Brainvire and the strength of Odoo's integrated solutions.

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