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Pharma Industry Demands a Heavy Dosage of Digitization

Rapid evolution in business models has been observed across industries and the root cause of this is digital transformation. The pharmaceutical industry, too, has started the implementation of digital services but at a gradual pace.

Most pharmaceutical business models revolve around product centricity. Pharmaceutical firms are still exploring different parameters to offer improved products with the help of digital services.

These firms have realized there is a need for an effective business model inclusive of patients. Companies can directly engage with patients and partner with pharma value chains and redesign their business models.

The adoption of a patient-centric approach has the power to reform the industry, earn more profit, and stay relevant. Digital technology is the stepping stone to execute this transformation.

With the help of software development companies, many pharmaceutical brands are inclined towards On-demand Pharmacy app development and website development to explore different factors from patient engagement and patient centricity.

As a tech-domain expert at Brainvire, have executed effective digital transformation journeys for several Pharmaceutical companies. Discussed here are some quintessential features and enhancements that you must look forward to -

On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Must Have Features -

Deep-diving into stats, there are more than 325,000 health-related mobile applications present on the various app marketplaces.

  • Around 60% of the total mobile phone users have downloaded a mHealth app to their devices.
  • According to Zion market research, the e-pharmacy market was of the size of USD 42.32 billion in 2018 and is expected to rise to USD 107.53 billion by 2025.
  • mHealth apps are also responsible for increasing the productivity of healthcare workers and saving more than $200 billion on remote patient monitoring.

There are several organizations that have invested in either pharmacy app development or use an on-demand medicine delivery app. They are observed to earn more profits and also have a significant impact on the healthcare industry.

#1-User-Oriented Features

  • Personal user account- This feature helps to save all basic and fundamental personal data of a specific user. This data is useful to examine user preferences and their behavior. The user also gets to enjoy a customized app journey.
  • Informative catalog- This catalog feature allows users to view prices and medicine details comfortably.
  • Upload prescription-Users can upload doctor’s prescription conveniently in the app. The app can then share recommended medicines from the database with the user.
  • Advanced search- A smooth search engine is a mandatory feature for almost all apps. The inclusion of this feature helped users to search for their desired drugs and order them within a few clicks. Add-on filter and sorting options can enhance users’ experience.
  • Detailed medicine description- It is important to provide a complete drug description inclusive of dosage, possible side effects, etc. A drug image (inside and outside the package) can provide clarity to the user.
  • Product review- Users can share their experience through product reviews. This information can help other users to make their decision.
  • Scan the barcode- This feature reduces the manual hassles of pharmacists. They can simply scan the barcode with their phone’s camera and obtain all the required data.
  • Medicine comparison-Users can compare drugs belonging to different companies and this can help them to choose the right medication.
  • Alternative search- Often, the required medicine is either out of stock or expensive. In this situation, you can use the alternative search tool and look for effective substitute medicine.
  • Refilling prescription- Yet another important feature of a pharmacy app is refill prescriptions. Make sure that you include this feature in your pharmacy app.
  • Online order- What will be the use of a pharmacy app if it doesn’t allow users to make orders online. Online order feature allows users to fill their virtual basket, skip the pharmacy queue, and physical visit to the store.
  • Track orders-Ordering online is not the last step in the process. Consumers must be aware of where their order is and when will it get delivered.
  • Timely notifications- Timely and regular push notifications allow you to stay connected with your customers. You can send different types of notifications such as offers, reminders, promotions, and discounts.
  • Cashless payment- The pharmacy app allows you to make a quick and secure online payments. You can also enjoy the benefits of promo codes, loyalty points, and bank discounts.
  • Social media integration- Users can easily login in the app through their Gmail or any other social media account. They don’t have to fill questionnaires and follow a lengthy login process. Users can also share the app or their experience through other social networks.
  • In-app consultation- This feature permits users to connect directly with the drugstore and resolve your queries. You can inquire about the different drugs that you need to purchase and learn about order and payment facilities.
  • Feedback- Instead of sharing their opinion all across different platforms, the user can simply reach out to the pharmacy app. Users can share their issues and problems through the app and get it resolved. This helps you to provide better services and obtain a more number of satisfied customers.
  • Location- With this feature, users can easily track the pharmacy location. The interactive map helps them to know the precise location of the pharmacy.

#2-Admin & Pharmacy-Oriented Features

The above features revolved around medicine buyers, but there is yet another group of users that is referred to as the pharmacy staff. Your staff should have the ability to manage app content, timely update app data, and other aligned activities.

  • Inventory Management-This feature helps the pharmacy staff to manage inventory efficiently. This inventory management consists of several activities such as tracking inflow and outflow of medicines, register goods remainders, manage reserve depletion, price fluctuations, and many more.
  • A single hub to control activities- It is important to gain control over the pharmacy app features to streamline your internal business process. The web-based admin panel can help manage all activities from a single destination.
  • Order management- You don’t have to skimp through different software to check orders. Instead, you have a single system to manage all orders.
  • Pharmacist management- You can create a huge manageable network of reliable pharmacists.
  • Logistics management- An on-demand healthcare app development can provide integration that enables smooth logistics management.
  • Customer management-The client database can help you to save and record all customer information. This database can further assist you to improve customer management.
  • Content management- It is important to constantly update content on your app. This content comprises FAQs, your About Us section, blogs, and drug pages.
  • Analytics and Reports-Analytics can assist you to understand and determine user behaviour. They can further help you to build an effective strategy and also generate custom reports.
  • Offers and payments- Reports and analytical data can help you to design lucrative offers as per consumer needs. Your staff can recommend an advanced payment solution to enable a quicker payment process.

Bringing Industry 4.0 to Pharma

You need a robust framework that can adapt to digital strategies and the exceptional nature of pharmaceutical manufacturing. A framework that can enhance productivity, connectivity, and simplify compliance.

A framework that can organize production information and can revert to problems quickly is best suited for a pharmacy app.

Effective Ways to Respond to the Advancements in the On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

There are two primary circumstances that we should consider here-

  • Currently, you don’t have an on-demand app
  • The need to improve your existing on-demand app with new features

Before you approach an on-demand app development expert, it is important to consider a few parameters, especially due to the current pandemic situation.

  • Initial - During these circumstances, your aim should be to assist users who are self-isolating. Instead of benefiting from the situation, ensure that you provide them with the required drugs. In case, you fail to do so, redirect them to a competitor so that they can obtain timely medication.
  • Intermediate - You will have to consider the fact that the current circumstances can trigger your customers to uninstall the app because of several reasons.
  • Advance - Stay connected with your delivery agents so that they have a steady income during such tough times. In fact, encourage them to follow social distancing norms and additional precautionary measures.

Brainvire’s skillful team can assist you to develop a functional on-demand medicine delivery app for your pharmaceutical organization.

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