Re-Defining Air Filtration globally with Odoo

GAFCO is a leader in the development, design, production, and sale of air filtration solutions for multiple types of industries. With multiple customers, GAFCO works with partners to bring together IAQ solutions for various applications. 

Most of their production lines and processes are lean and six sigma refined with exquisite quality tools and processes to ensure that high productivity levels are maintained. GAFCO teams' initiatives focus on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our manufacturing base, advancing technology through refining testing and performance measurement capabilities, as well as engaging in research to improve IAQ.

One feature that distinguishes them is the wide range of filter sizes and variations. While each filter provides a unique fit for each client, clients can further customize their experience by choosing from one of their many preset filters or ordering customized filters (which will be considered new products when ordered).

Business Challenges

The client wanted to digitize their current process by managing a customer-facing website in Magento, and solving frontend needs using requests for quotations. Previously, they used SAP because it can customize the features and inventory on one platform. However, recently they abandoned these plans due to customization limitations as well as a limited support system from SAP itself.

The business has tried out other options, but they preferred Odoo ERP's features and how it can be customized to fit their needs better. They planned on integrating the software with a leading open-source backend solution as its master data source, capable of handling CRM, Sales, Purchase Inventory Manufacturing HRMS using special product codes.

Odoo Integration with Magento

This integration of the Odoo backend provided e-commerce capabilities for stores and now has the ability to send inquiries about products from Magento to Odoo and vice versa. It can also keep track of shipping and delivery status so customers know when their orders will arrive or have been shipped.


Why Gafco Migrated from SAP B1 to Odoo?

The session was conducted between Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire Infotech, and Mohammed ALTharwa, MD, GAFCO. It talks about Gafco's Journey to rediscover the manufacturing process from SAPB1 to Odoo with Brainvire.


Odoo Implementation to Streamline Business Operations


Since GAFCO communicates with many different partners, we relied on Odoo to manage contact relationships and their details. This system also helped us manage their product codes, which could be further from those used by other companies involved in the supply chain.

Customer data is entered into an excel sheet and uploaded to the Odoo application in this CRM module. All customer names, customer codes, phone numbers, contact persons, addresses, tax ID numbers, and delivery terms are included on the list.

There are other fields like registration number, VAT number, billing address, shipping address. We can also add links to Google Maps, industry type (price-oriented or quality-oriented), as well as contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers.


With the new Odoo Sales module, it is now more convenient for managers to customize products and bundle attributes with a single click.

Customers can also benefit from blanket order management, which sorts orders by contact name rather than order date. As a result, a sales quote can now be used to generate sales reports.

Through the Odoo sales module, we've made progress in areas such as product data management, products data displayed on the website, raw materials, standard and custom product code management, optional products, and service type.

To facilitate sales management, we have also worked on sales quotation, quote pricing, sale order interface, commission management, document and printing, reports, customer orders based on contracts, sales history, and dashboard.


This module included managing purchase requisitions and raising purchase orders after confirmation, calling for tenders, and sharing product requirements in an excel sheet with vendors.

The purchasing department is responsible for making sure the company has everything it needs. We focused on Purchase Order blanket agreements, purchase requests, purchase quotes & orders, landed cost, purchasing documents, and purchase dashboard.


The inventory module included inventory and logistics management, generating Arabic delivery notes and invoices, and manual inputs on TNT and OTEX Express shipments.

We implemented the inventory features such as product inventory control, warehouse management, delivery orders, logistics documentation, shipment forms, third-party deliveries, and dashboard.


The Odoo accounting system aids in the management of Saudi Arabia's localization requirements, as well as the management of client credit limits and tax reports.

Features that we created under Odoo accounting modules were Saudi Arabia localization, invoice management, AR/AP interface, account balance management, credit note management, and internal reconciliation interface.

Additionally, we also created accounting reports, tax structure, and report management, manual bank reconciliation, debtors/creditors interface, financial claim templates, company documents, assets, and expense reminders.

Expense Management

With the expense system, GAFCO will be able to control employee spending and reimburse them in a two-step process.

The first step will be to enter data into the system, which will generate an expense form for the employee to fill out and submit for reimbursement.

They can scan receipts, and the system will automatically read the bill and generate cost records using OCR technology. You will be able to claim your company expenses with payslips.


GAFCO can create tasks from leads and opportunities. This out-of-the-box Odoo project module allows them to organize, schedule, plan and analyze projects created for new leads. They also have the ability to discuss tasks and share documents in a task management platform provided by this solution. 


Several quality assurance checkpoints and equipment maintenance are in place at the Odoo manufacturing facility. 

Production line grouping, material transfer, notification when production is done, labeling, serial numbering are some of the features we incorporated in the Odoo manufacturing module.

Quality Control

On manufacturing orders, GAFCO's production managers will be able to specify quality checkpoints.

These production managers will be able to distribute responsibilities for their team of competent specialists through configuration.

The production manager will also be able to assign quality points to each work center and indicate which team is in charge of them.

This corresponds to the user's desired quality criteria, and if a product does not satisfy all of them, the user can explain why in their follow-up paperwork.


GAFCO can now create and raise maintenance requests with modifications to the maintenance management module.  Odoo manages the details of the entire team, and the organization can add many team members to each category. If necessary, all of the equipment details can be obtained in Odoo.

The equipment page will include information on the category, a summary of who has used it and when, any technical details that may be required to keep your equipment functioning properly, where to find vendor information, and what other facilities this equipment is in as far as maintenance schedules are concerned.

The nature of the job, who should be responsible for it, the priority level, and how long someone claims they'll need to do it are all included in maintenance requests.

You can see all requests for a specific calendar day, week, or month, and we'll also provide analysis tools right out of the box.


The fleet management module in Odoo will allow GAFCO to manage deliveries made by company-owned trucks. When GAFCO gives a service order to a driver, the name of their next delivery appears on the screen as an indicator.

The driver service agreement provides a framework for identifying personnel when GAFCO registers and trains drivers.

Odoo's employee master data is at the heart of this arrangement. After completing the company's ODOO-registered training, the driver is expected to execute deliveries and become familiar with the essential paperwork.

The driver will arrive at the operations department and collect any documents that have already been downloaded. After loading shipments into a SUITABLY-sized vehicle, the driver changes the status to Shipped.

If the consumer is unable to pick up the products from the driver, they can schedule a pickup through GAFCO's website. When the products are delivered, the drivers or forwarders will notify us, and we must change the order status to Delivered in our system. This change in position is also communicated to the sales staff as soon as it occurs.


GAFCO can now authorize the new account creation or manually add that contact to an existing customer using Odoo's customer approval management, preventing the formation of a new customer or lead.

It will be simple for the GAFCO team to approve each detail before establishing a new lead whenever the same company approaches the GAFCO team with a new branch customer. If you already have an account, you can manually add customers when you contact other branches of your own firm.

Customers who have not yet registered with Magento must first add a company and then obtain authorization from our sales team. The Customer can be activated after the registration process is completed and the firm has been activated on this site.


To manage all customer and employee documents, users can create a separate folder in the Document module.

All consumer and employee documents will be manageable by users. Document management is defined as the organization of all client and employee documents into a single folder.

HR and Payroll Management

For GAFCO, we developed the Odoo payroll module and added a regular paycheck for employees. We also permitted candidates to submit their applications by email, in addition to the changes required to complete an end-to-end flow.

The recruiter can use a survey to build an interview form or a brief questionnaire that can be shared with applicants and tracked in the Recruitment module while also maintaining the documentation of the employees.

In addition, it has the ability to set renewal notifications on ID cards when they expire. As a result, the payroll module can handle GAFCO's org chart, system users' work entries, non-system users' work entries, and salesperson expense claim reimbursement.

Recruitment Management

To keep track of all recruitment efforts, the organization created proprietary recruitment management software. Recruiters will publish job positions and begin the application process, while GAFCO's recruiting specialist team will conduct the majority of the vetting.

GAFCO's hiring system has the ability to establish several job positions and staff them. All applicants send their resumes by email, and the system prepares a fresh application for each vacancy automatically.

They can build and manage a candidate pipeline, so they're never scrambling to get things done. They also compile resumes in an aesthetically beautiful resume collection that is easily accessible. A recruitment interview form can be used to narrow down candidates, but only for "certain reports."

Time-Off Management

Users of GAFCO will be able to control each employee's vacation time. Pay will be generated based on time off for users. Users will be able to see all of the employee's vacation time in a calendar view.

In the system, users will be able to manage several forms of time-off. Users will be able to see more employee time-off requests and approve or reject them, depending on the scenario and condition.

For example, if a manager wants to change the leave allocation structure for specific employees, they can use the leave allocation requests process. Users will have the ability to look at leave reports by employee and department.

Payroll Management

Users will be able to establish pay structures in the system and provide GAFCO with payroll module key phrases in Arabic (supplied by Odoo).

Users will be able to establish pay structures in the system and provide GAFCO with payroll module key phrases in Arabic (supplied by Odoo).

Overtime salary guidelines were tailored to calculate overtime based on each employee's wage structure, as well as the GOSI contribution salary rule.

By grouping numerous salary rules—for example, junior sales executive, senior manager, etc.—we will develop other salary structures for different personnel. We'll include a checkbox for overtime. The GAFCO team will add the hourly rate of overtime if the overtime checkbox is enabled.


Users will be able to approve each employee's attendance and produce payslips based on that information. We implemented the features of attendance management and mobile attendance tracking.

Summing Up

Brainvire's experienced Odoo professionals improved the usability of the CRM and other modules' connection. This has aided recent frontend and backend changes, allowing for far better requests for bids, business partner contracts, cost, invoicing, monitoring, and human resource management system than previously. Odoo helped to streamline the operations to Gafco.

We streamlined the product selection stages, as well as the customization of product selection options, allowing business partners to swiftly filter their desired results.

We have simplified the data retrieval process with Odoo by introducing numerous facets for product selection, allowing us to get manufacturing product requirements depending on various demands. As a result, you can find a solution that meets your requirements in this app.

We also incorporated support from the Odoo-Magento integration solution, which maps an item's serial number to its location, and remapped the product more clearly. If a consumer has previously purchased this or any other version of that item and subsequently reorders it, they may rest assured that the correct one will arrive in their place.

The goal was to optimize company procedures, and Odoo well exceeded their expectations. Brainvire's Odoo ERP Consulting services are likely to be crucial in helping the company successfully transit from their current system.

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