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Online Learning Now Becomes More Secure And Convenient

Brainvire - Integrate system with Zee5

About Client

The client is the biggest and most popular online learning hub across Asia. They offer learning solutions for 6-12 grades, competitive exams, and several other courses. They provide concept-based learning, cross-board syllabus, live classes, and unlimited practice to all their students. The app and website have topic notes, exams, and thousands of videos to gain an in-depth understanding of topics.

About Product

Brainvire’s specialists integrated the client’s system with an OTT platform called ZEE5. Students can subscribe to this platform to get the required education content. This integration helped the client with improved data management and our team made provisions to track and check concepts that the students studied so far.

How we did it ?


Better courses

The website and app now have over 5000 courses and the client can now swiftly manage all the videos and other content.

Increased number of students

The client now has more than 100,000 students. This AI-based learning pattern converted a tricky learning process into an easy education medium.

Integration with ZEE5

This subscription-based integration with ZEE5 provided the client with all essential information about user and subscription data. This OTT integration also helped to manage several other operations.

Modern Platform

This AI-based modern platform allowed students to study and learn almost from anywhere. Students can learn and clear concepts through live classes and several other videos available on the website and app.

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