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Intellectual Math Mobile Game App

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About Project


In this app age, there are thousands of education mobile apps available in the app store. The game is all about how good you are at making calculations and using the math skills. It is going to be much of a fun and honing up your math skills at the same time!

When you start your game, your initial score, points and lives will be zero like all other mathematical games and puzzles. The game is about filling in the blanks after doing the mathematical calculation in your mind. The game begins with the easy questions; they get difficult as you play. Game will be over if you give wrong answer or no answer at all. The score of your first game is your best score.

You can keep playing as many times as you want and the highest score will become the best score as you play; which will be registered on the leaderboard, where you can compare with the scores of other players around the world, which makes it one of the best free online math games apps.

Project Challenges

Even after so much advancement into mobile application development, it is difficult at times to include all the features we want to. Some of the difficulties faced in developing this iPhone and android game application were:

  • It was difficult to design for multiple devices, different resolutions, screen sizes, manufactures and Operating Systems.
  • Social media integration like Facebook and Twitter was not easy.
  • Leaderboard integration is tough too.
  • Google Adm-ob integration is a hard job.

Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management iOS, MAC OS X 10.10.1
Development Tools & Environments Xcode 6.2 (IDE), Objective C
Database Local Storage


Project Leader 1
Developers 1
Designers 1
Quality Assurance Tester 1


The planning of the mobile and game application development is always a tough job. While developing this app, planning was done with the intention of honing up the mathematical skills as well as spontaneity by practicing quick calculations in mind.

    • The game will work on iPhone as well as iPad, so it can be played by everyone once downloaded.
    • Like all the other free math games for kids and adults, it begins with easy questions and the level of difficulty will rise as you progress.
    • You can earn lives as well as points.
    • The best mathematical games and puzzles gives you option to share and compare your score with others, so we give you here the same privilege. You can compare your best score with the other players worldwide on your leaderboard!
    • Earning certain points gets you a life and using a life will deduct certain points.
    • Keep earning points; it might benefit you in the updated version! You never know.
    • The best android and iPhone game applications do not have ads. Earning a lot of points can also help you in getting rid of ads!
    • Using a life will deduct 10 points (you do not have a life if you have got less than 10 points).
    • You can earn points by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter (5 points for sharing on each of them). However, points will be awarded only when you share it for the first time on both the sites.
    • Another rule is that, you can use only 3 lives in a game, irrespective of your points.

Development Highlights

Like all the other best free online math games apps, even this one has got certain highlights:

    • Animations and Progress bar linked to timer.
    • Ads integrated in the App.
    • Logic on every button for the calculations and answer verification.
    • Game center updating (Leaderboard) for the various players.
    • This online educational game has also got feature like ‘music and sound off and on’ as per user requirements.
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