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MAC OS X 10.10.1
Objective C
Mobile and wireless
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About Project

Being in the Mobile era, there are thousands of applications are there in the app store to serve various purposes. This Math game provides a platform where you can check how good you are at making calculations. This game fulfills entertainment and math skills purposes at the same time!
This online math free game provides various levels and you can go from easy to hard by solving puzzles. You need to give the answers after doing the calculation in your mind. Also, it saves your scores on the leaderboard, where you can compare and share your scores with other players around the world.
It is one of the best free math calculation games as it provides a great look and feel to check your math skills with fun!

Business Challenges

In order to develop such math intellectual application, the client was looking to develop such compatible game which can work well with multiple devices, different resolutions, screen sizes, manufacturers, and different operating system. The client wanted to incorporate some challenging features such as Google Adm-ob integration, leaderboard integration, and social media integration. Developing a game for iPhone as well as iPad, the client was seeking for best mathematical puzzle game which can involve other users and share the score of the game.


To meet the desired result and develop such mobile application, Brainvire’s proficient team covered comprehensive features for a math game. Comprising of business logic and other game functions, the app is available for two platforms such as iPhone and iPad. Along with game logic implementation and leaderboard features, the game must have social media integration for users as well.


  • The game works on iPhone as well as on the iPad platform
  • It serves as education mobile apps which are used to sharp your mathematical skills by various puzzles
  • Users can download it for free and earn certain points while playing
  • It enables users to share and compare score with other users
  • Integration with social media provides users to share the points on the social media platforms
  • Game maintains levels as per your skill such as easy and difficult


  • Resulted in an appropriate educational app that provides the best platform to sharp your math skills
  • A perfect math game app with attractive UI along with animation and progress bar
  • Best user engagement through the math puzzles and score sharing