iOS 9 : A ride to the journey of the amazing brand-new features

Once again, Apple has come up with a better succeeding operating system that is full of enhancements about which you won’t be able to stop praising. Whether it is Siri, the proactive suggestions which does things for you even before you ask or a new multimedia feature which makes you even more productive, the iOS 9 has got it all. All the improvements in this operating system helps you enhance not only performance, but also increases the security and life of the battery. Once you start using iOS9, you will get a hang of it and soon, you will feel that how did you ever do these things without iOS9!

Let us just take a sneak peak over some of the best brand new features that Apple has come up with in iOS9:

Built-in apps

  • News:

iOS 9 brings you a new design rich app on your home screen ‘News’ which keeps you informed with all the stories from the top sources. Now, there is no need to switch from one app to another for news.

  • Notes:

iOS 9 makes your ‘Notes’ app even more noteworthy now; as now you can not only jot down your thoughts, but also make a check list, add a URL, map or a photo and even sketch with your finger. The best thing about is that, you can see the saved changes on all your devices; thanks to!

  • Maps:

1). The Transit feature brings you the information about public transport, so you can get routes and directions, for the specific cities across the world.
2). The Nearby feature lists down the shopping, food and fun places surrounding you.

  • Wallets:

It lets you use Apple Pay to purchase with Discover card or store credit cards.

  • CarPlay:

All you need is your car supporting the wireless connection to iPhone and you can use the CarPlay without plugging in.

iPad experience

  • Multitasking

1). Slide Over: It lets you do two things at the same time without even closing down one app to open another on your iPad. The slide over feature lets you reply to the message from your loved one while you are browsing through a shopping website; without closing the shopping app and then you can just slide over the messenger and continue shopping.

2). Split View: The split view feature on your iPad Air 2 lets you open two apps and keep them active at the same time.

3). Picture in PictureIf you are watching a video or using FaceTime and you want to open other app, you can press the home button twice which will scale down the screen of your video to the lower right corner of your iPad screen and you can work on other app while using FaceTime or watching your favorite video.

  • QuickType

You get a new shortcut bar, new way to select text with a few multi-touch gestures as well as new convenient editing tools.


  • Siri

Now, Siri has become a lot smarter in multiple ways. It searches a wider range of topics. You can ask Siri to show you photos you clicked at someone’s birthday. It helps you search photos as per the date, location or name of the album; and it finds exactly what you were looking for delivering more accurately and faster. Also, it gives suggestion even before you ask for it. In short, it powers more intelligent search now. If you have to stop in the mid of reading a mail, you can ask Siri to remind you to read it in the night. You can ask Siri to remind you to do something when you go to car!

  • Search

The search screen has become even more intelligent showing you contacts, apps, places nearby and news.

1). Relevant People: This will show you the contacts with whom you talk the most, to whom you have recently talked or to whom you are most likely to talk (the ones whom have scheduled to meet next).

2). Suggested apps: From your daily routines, it comes to know what you are most likely to use. For example: if you read news everyday first thing in the morning, it will show the ‘News’ app in the list of suggested apps in the morning when you wake up.
3). Places nearby: You can get the list of categories of places nearby like shopping, food and drink, fun and more.
4). In the news: It detects your location and shows you the local news which are trending in the place where you are.

  • Proactive Assistant

It suggests you what you would want to do the next on the basis of what you do every day and the apps you use every day at that time of the day.


1). Longer battery life: More efficient apps now use lesser battery, making it available to you for other things which you do with your iPhone. The new lower power mode helps you even more to extend your battery life.
2). Faster and more responsive: As you know, overall the performance is improved, as apps make the effective and efficient use of the CPU and GPU. It provides faster scrolling, quicker email and messages, smoother animations and multitasking features on iPad, to name a few.
3). Improved security: iOS 9 strengthens the passcode of your device, so that the unauthorized people cannot access your Apple ID account, making it easier for you, but harder for other to access our personal account.

What if you can do something more with those same apps you have been using till date? Yes, the iOS9 brings you the best enhancements that will bring changes to your existing apps to give you a brand new experience.

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