How iPhone 7 Will Work Without Headphone Jack?

A lot of hype was created when the news- “iPhone 7 release bring the end of the road for the headphone jack,” get out of the Apple doors.

Now, no 3.5 mm headphone jack space would remain on iPhone 7.

Perhaps, analyzing the increasing wireless headphone sales and adoption by the customers, Apple make the wireless headphones- the future of iPhone 7.

These are presumptions made by the people before Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller provided his statement.

According to Phil Schiller, “The reason to abandon headphone jack is, it’s occupying extra space on the phone, and that’s where new technology can be packed and iPhone 7 can be made slimmer. Also to make the phone waterproof and withstand rain, dust and sprays.”

It is a huge deal!

Definitely, Apple has planned something incredible before planning to make the headphone jack disappear. What’s that?

Take a few glimpse of how iPhone 7 will work without headphone jack:

The 3.5 mm headphone jack is disappeared, but not the headphones. In the box of iPhone 7, the customers will get a pair of lightning earpods that are akin to the headphone that comes in the box of iPhone 7 previous versions. There is a difference, and that’s this earpods are designed to get fit into the lightning port instead of jack.

Just a small change, the users will be able to listen the music on the phone using headphone from lightning port, no matter if the headphone jack is removed. Also, the adapter comes out when the iPhone 7 box is unboxed that enable the user to connect the standard wired headphone.

One more option!

Users can make a switch to wireless headphones or buy the third part adapter, for which users have to pay a little extra.

These wireless headphones are becoming popular as Apple AirPods that looks more like Apple’s earpods and get connected with the phone through Bluetooth.

It’s not essential to use the AirPods, while the earpods or lightning jack headphone coming in the box of iPhone 7 will work.

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What’s AirPods?

AirPods is the innovative wireless headphone that has a built-in microphone and touch sensitive back where just a single tap on the headphone can make the Siri active, and users can easily answer the calls.

AirPods have to be kept in a wireless charging box, and when the box lid is opened, the iPhone will recognize that headphones are ready to use.

The pros of Apple’s new release iPhone 7 regarding headphone jack removal are:
  • The new digital alternative of connecting headphones with lightning would deliver high-quality audio as opposed to when headphones connected over jack
  • Listening music with innovative Bluetooth headphones is plain-sailing
  • Old headphones can be used when plugged into the additional adapter that’s launched with iPhone 7
  • Two loudspeakers at the front of iPhone 7 to provide stereo listening experience to the users while playing music or watching audio
The cons are:
  • Apple users won’t be able to charge the mobile while listening music unless they buy pricey adapter
  • Listening music on-the-go along with adapter will become a great hassle
The final thought…

Well, keeping the critics apart. Apple has the courage to go beyond the conventional and stop following the decade-old standards that the whole world is practicing. Abandoning the headphone jack and the introduction of wireless headphone jack are the best instances of it.

Recently, the news is airing in the market that Fuze is about to release a case that will kill the Apple’ plan to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 with the audio port of 3.5 mm.

The case is getting popular with Fuze case where the problem of having adapters or dongles get resolved because the case allows users to plug in their headphones and also serves as a battery pack for iPhone 7. It’s smashing!

Stay tuned with us to know more about iPhone 7 new features, releases and iPhone application development.

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