iPhone Application Development – Common Challenges Faced By The Developers

The speed with which the mobile industry is changing is beyond remarkable. With the high popularity of the smart phones and tablets more and more individuals now prefer mobile applications that could ease their task. A few of successful mobile applications have come across as a surprise to many. One such mobile device is iPhone who has gained immense popularity in the global market due to its set of unique features that distinguishes it from the other mobile devices currently available in the market today. The demand for iPhone Application Development is constantly growing and the iPhone application developers are in huge demand these days because of ever-growing consumers.

As more ‘n’ more innovative iOS platform app developers are required to face the challenges the demand for the iOS application developers to develop creative applications also increases. Here in this article, we will discuss about the various challenges involved in iOS development while creating an innovative app compatible for iPhone or iPad. This article will also help you to get an idea to be well-prepared for the upcoming issues and their solutions.

Challenge 1 – Navigation Panel in the Developer Portal

The navigation panel could be complicated for those who are fresh into iOS application development. The more the iPhone developers use this portal the more easily they will be able to navigate. Just make sure that you have a prior knowledge about the portal.

Challenge 2 – iOS Application Compatibility

Aa compared to android app development, There are various Apple products available in the market today including iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation iPad Mini series and the iPad Air so it is extremely necessary for an excellent iOS platform app to be compatible with all these products. Testing an application becomes highly important so that it can run smoothly thereby using TaaS product like Testelf or TestFlight can aid through this issue.

Challenge 3 – Beta Users Testing

The best way for any application to be known and accepted amongst the consumers is allowing tests to be done through Beta users. They will be able to help you identify the possible failure conditions specific to your developed application. One such solution is which comes handy for beta testing your app on the go.

Challenge 4 – Apple App Store Approval

It is very necessary to know about the App Store guidelines before you start developing an iOS based application. One must conform to all the listed rules and regulations so that your app gets approved in the App Store. This will save your time and aid you through various investment challenges.

Challenge 5 – Poor Network Conditions

The speed that you are using might not be the speed that your end consumer may be using. So it becomes highly essential that you pass your iOS app through a test done by the Network Link Conditioner which will help you in invigorating not up to the mark networks.

These are some of the common challenges the developers should take care off while developing an application for iOS platform. Through continuous testing and development experience you will be able to overcome any forthcoming issues and provide a high-end app that can be used by the consumers and the enterprises.
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