Product launch

Jewelry Catalog Application Enhanced With Future Technology

Utah, USA 4th October 2017.

Mr. Chintan Shah, Founder, and CEO of Brainvire victoriously said, “Brainvire is delighted by the achievement of completing an amazing challenge to customize the existing application as per the mindsets of customers. In the arena of fast changing customer choices, to craft a solution that suffices a future needs too –appeals us a lot.”

An attractive and hi-performance application is proven to be a huge hit!

To customize an application running with a lot of issues is a hard nut to crack. To understand the entire system fully, to make it run as per present trends and finally putting a strong future scope within the system is the work style of Brainvire. At the same time, Brainvire kept the core of the application intact and unaffected from customization. The application is compatible with all iPads devices such as The iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and iPad Air2.

An appealing UI that allures the customers more

The final output of application turned out exactly same as the designs given by a client. The UI came with magnetizing effects that any customer would love to have a look for sure. The application is equipped with a lot of animation effects such as on hover pricing details, zoom in & out jewelry view, and much more. Also, this application contains more filters such as collections, location, category, price, color, and size. Admin is given an access to modify the filters as per the needs.

Page load time reduced to 1 second from 10 second

The click on any product page used to take a considerable time of 10 seconds. The developers’ team took an action on performance tuning aspects of database and other smaller issues creating a huge impact on page load time. The efforts of developers drove the application’s performance optimization such a way that page load time got decreased straight away to 1 second.

Integration with Salesforce assured the security of confidential data

An international jewelry business wanted data of some special customers to remain confidential only and at the same time traceable by the office staff. Brainvire integrated the application with Salesforce keeping confidential data at salesforce, not within premises of application.

Futuristic trends that gave client a new way of promoting products

In the era of high internet speed, the product showcase in terms of images is not at all apt strategy. Brainvire developers integrated video showcase of products into the application. The application is also armed with CM Mode (Customer Mode). When on, hides the office specific information and shows the information needed to be seen by the customer only. Also, if the customer likes a product, from the application, he/she can send an email to self seamlessly.

About Brainvire

Brainvire has 500+ clientele worldwide and 16+ years of experience in crafting web, mobile & desktop applications across diverse industry sectors. With delivering persistent and quality based solutions and consulting services to various organizations and enterprises, Brainvire has become the most trusted partner for developing IT solutions. Presence on clutch proves the Brainvire’s claim to be one of the topmost IT Company of the world.

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