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Make your app perform better with Jmeter

With the outgrowth of digital devices, the demand of high-performing applications is also increased. There is always a need
of testing the applications at a constant pace to sustain the user engagement.

There are various testing tools and methods available that QA and testing team use to offer flawless experience to the app users.

Apache Jmeter is one of the top rated testing tool that’s widely used to determine the load test functional behavior and measure
the performance of the applications. The open-source software assists the development team in finding the performance defects
even when the app is in the development phase.

Leveraging Jmeter is the best way to optimize and maintain the web and mobile appperformance.

How Jmeter test your

At first, Apache Jmeter test scripts are written where the heavy load (Maximum users who can concurrently visit the app) and stress (Server’s maximum load capacity) is defined. And, then heavy load is simulated on a server, group of servers or network to analyze how the application perform under different load types.

Why to prefer Brainvire for Jmeter testing services?

The fore most app development company along side the coding of the project, gives equal importance to the application
testing to ensure that the app provides optimum performance and run without any bug.

With Jmeter – the automated testing tool, the apps’ performance and functionalities are tested using JDBC MongoDB drivers
and JDBC MySQL. The holistic tests are written that generate the performance results in a split of seconds and do not
leave the application as an improvement device.

Our team guarantee that app launched after coding and testing is impeccable and high-performing
with no downtime or crashes.

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