Loopback – The Best Node.JS Framework for Creating REST APIs

REST API is an application programming interface that uses HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol to connect and allow the end users to interact with cloud based services. REST stands for Representational State Transfer and is an architectural pattern, often used for building networking applications. This is a means of light weight communication used in mobile applications and social networking websites. REST APIs take advantage of simple request/response mechanism made of easy verbs like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE for communication. While GET is used to retrieve a resource, PUT is used to change or update a resource, POST to create and DELETE to remove that resource.

Node.JS development is getting popular these days because of increasing requirement of web or networking applications that require Restful APIs to implement efficient communication mechanism. Node.JS enables quick and easy development of REST APIs and provides streaming support, authentication support and lot of readily available and useful modules that make development of APIS much easier and faster. Hence, for this purpose, developers prefer a framework that supports node.JS development for creating restful APIs.

Loopback is one such Node.JS API framework that enables development of dynamic end-to-end REST APIs. There are several interesting features that Loopback framework supports for efficient REST API development and this is what makes this node.JS framework the popular tool for REST API development.

  • Complete API Solution:

With Loopback framework, you are getting a complete solution for API development. One can create dynamic REST APIs with Arc GUI and slc CLI and connect these APIs to various types of data sources like Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB etc. the framework supports built-in mobile services as well.

  • Better Productivity:

One can auto generate the code for APIs with Loopback. There are various tools available for support, hence, designing and testing of APIs is lot easier with this node.JS framework. The productivity with Loopback framework really increases as it enables for faster and easy development of REST APIs.

  • Easy Data Integration:

It’s easy connecting the new and inherited data, establishing relationship mapping between them with robust ORM features of Loopback. This allows for efficient and easy data integration process.

  • Open Source & Extensible:

Loopback is an open source Node.Js framework which allows adding of new features or modules as per requirement. It is this extensibility of framework which makes it likable among the users for custom API development.

  • Easily Generate APIs from Data Models:

The framework has got predefined, built-in models that can be extended as per the requirements of full stack development application. One can even define their own set of customized models required to build their custom APIs.

  • Security:

REST APIs are used widely for networking applications. Hence, security would be a major concern. However, developing the most secure APIs is just possible with Loopback which supports security features like social logins via passport.js, authentication for users, apps and devices and access control using ACL generators.

Hence, with so many awesome features to offer, Loopback definitely stands ahead in the competition of tools or node.JS frameworks supporting REST API development.

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