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Brainvire Migrates Tent and Table to Mangento 2.0 and Integrates Odoo ERP with Custom CRM

Brainvire migrates the Tent and Table website from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0, and also integrates them with Odoo for advanced ERP and CRM functionalities.
Brainvire has been making huge leaps in implementing Magento 2.0, as well as migrating the community from 1.0 to 2.0, helping business owners take the benefits of all the next generation functions like pattern recognition and integration of technologies that are current standard in development, modular and extensible format which helps you scale the development, and offers additional functionalities like integrative API-based approach.
17th May 2019 Mumbai, INDIA
Moreover, Brainvire’s team of Magento experts are committed to seamlessly helping the community transition, using omnichannel eCommerce experience that enable the eCommerce business owners control their sales process from multiple channels.
Magento 2 with Odoo Integration
In addition to this, the team at Brainvire transitioned the Tent and Table built a custom CRM and ERP by integrating Odoo with that helps the client manage multiple websites right from a single backend platform. The CRM is connected for quotation and sales, and all the information is synced in real-time with Magento 2.0 platform.
Brainvire helped Tent and Table achieve seamless marketplace integration with eBay, Walmart and Amazon. Moreover, customers will be able to seamlessly purchase bundled products because of Odoo integrations, which will work at CRM in the backend.
A major issue was to create Purchase Orders and Sub Purchase orders which can help in large-scale integration and purchase process, including warehouse management and dropshipping /feature
On this occasion, Brainvire’s CEO Mr. Chintan Shah said, “We are the products of our developers, and our clients, who are really enthusiastic about moving into the right direction, toward the future, and quickly adopt upcoming technologies quick in time. Because of our team and our forward-looking clients, have remained the best in the industry for so long. We look forward to continue taking the Magento community forward with consistent innovation, and unwavering faith in our community.”
Brainvire plans to implement more such integrations in the future using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data based decision making systems and take the industry forward.

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