Magento 2 – What’s Better in it & How is it Helpful for The Businesses?

Magento 2, the much-awaited version of the popular Magento eCommerce development platform is said to have lots of new and revised features to combat the limitations of its current version. Just like its predecessor the version 1, this second version too is expected to be a great success as it has got everything that a business generally desires to find in an eCommerce platform. As per the latest heard facts, Magento 2 is said to provide the most desired features like faster time to market, easier site maintenance, better scalability & improved conversions to its users. The upcoming software which is currently in Beta status is said to have extensions that are completely revised for it and available in a new connect store. Even before its release, the Magento 2 platform is already in the limelight and has started gaining responses from the Magento fans because of its outstanding features. It is said that businesses will be able to drive some really good benefits from the Magento 2 development solutions.

So, let us now discuss in brief the expected features in Magento two and the ways this most awaited new version will be helpful to businesses.

  • New File Structure:

The upcoming Magento version is said to have a few very good changes in the file structure where the base theme is eliminated. Here the base views are a part of the module structure and hence, custom theme development is really easy with this enhancement. Moreover, for the businesses, development of a custom Magento store with a customized theme or look will be much easier with this change.

  • Separation of Front and Backend Store Logic:

In this new version of Magento platform, performing tests for the developed code will be a lot easier while the platform will also ensure scalability with lesser changes to be made to software. This is because of the decoupling of front and backend store logic which makes it easier to encapsulate the changes in the store with time using minimum possible alterations. It will be easy to make changes to the backend of the software without having to make any change in the frontend. Hence, lot of efforts for the Magento developers and cost and time of development will be greatly reduced and will cut down investments for the businesses to make.

  • Improved Performance:

With the most sought after features like improved indexers, HHVM compatibility, static content caching in browser, varnish 4, better image compression and reduced JS code, it is expected that the eCommerce store built on Magento 2 will surely give faster and improved performance for ultimate client satisfaction thereby profiting the businesses.

  • Improved Catalogue Browsing & Checkout Performance:

The Magento 2 store is said to provide faster products browsing and rapid cart addition thereby improving the shopper’s experience with instant access to the products to buy. Not only purchase, the process of check out will also be fast here with fewer pages to browse and fewer clicks to perform.

Apart from the above, Magento 2 has got a visually appealing admin panel that is also touch friendly and allows for creation of products in a much easy and rapid way. Not only this, the infrastructure innovations like a new framework library, an integrated testing framework, improved module management and application of newer technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 will enable for better design and functionality improvements.

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