Magento Integration with PIM System Helped Sales Channels Streamline Data Management for a Power Tool Company

25 December, 2020 Dallas, USA

Our development team integrated Magento store with a PIM system, and merged the sales channel to obtain precise data for a prominent power tool company. Each sales channel has different needs of data along with different qty and pricing. All such complex logic was implemented at Magento and data comes from PIM and served to different sales channels as per thor needs.

Magento ecommerce developers at our IT hub suggested implementation of a robust Magento base and integrated it with the PIM system. The Magneto store can bring diverse sales channels together and the PIM software solution can accumulate all the data required for the business.

Our team created scripts to import categories, product, quantity update, price update, and images for all entries. This unification of the innovative tech stack resolved the major issues related to sales channels and data management.

The client experienced a constant tussle of unclear and complex data from different sales channels. This made it difficult to make meaningful business decisions.

The poor decision-making abilities and cluttered data had a negative influence on the client business. Our team therefore proposed Magento store and PIM system integration that can empower the client to make impactful decisions quickly and easily.
Our team carried out the difficult task of eliminating the middle ware MySQL database. This elimination ensured that there is uninterruptible and clear communication between the PIM ⇔ Magento ⇔ ERP systems.

Now the client can manage export orders from the Magento store and reduce the unwanted hassle. Apart from this, developed new APIs for managing order status and creating shipment with tracking information back to Magento from ERP. Elimination of the middle ware and direct ERP integration improved process efficiency by 40%.

“The latest systems such as ERP, PIM, etc. have tremendous potential to provide elite capabilities to businesses. Our developers have profound knowledge about which kind of businesses need what type of system and then suggest a solution. Similarly, we suggested PIM and ERP integration to improve data management and streamline sales for this client,” said Mr. Chintan Shah.

We also included a quick search feature on the website based on the best compatible technology. Quick search facility made it convenient to consume the right information and browse the website effortlessly. We have used the unbxd search engine with a new implementation of their JS SDK. This the first integration of this type for both Brainview and Unbxd. The data of the search result page, auto suggestion and category pages was powered by APIs. The design and further customization done by brainvie using Js SDK as per client requirement.

Neither the client nor their customers have to surf endlessly to find information. Instead, the successful implementation of UNBXB search showed 60% improved in the search results. Besides, this functionality can provide quality analytics about the viewed pages and the most appropriate design for customers.

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