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Marketplace for Businesses and Customers with Loyalty Management

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Marketplace for Businesses and Customers with Loyalty Management

Client Requirement

Some of the key highlights of the platform are as follows:
  • Its helps businesses know their customers.
  • Sends the customers “Offers” to make a purchase.
  • Offers can be used as free advertisements to expand the business.
  • Customers stay connected with the businesses via ‘Offers’ more than with any other form of advertisements or communication channels.
  • Offers provide a mobile platform for businesses to keep in touch with their customers in real time
  • A fully-customizable reward system
  • Simple program management

It is a platform where businesses can promote their offers and track the customer loyalty. The businesses can make use of the mobile platform to stay in touch with their customers.

Even businesses can register on the platform and on registration unique QR code is assigned to them. The customers can scan the barcode and can know how many times the customers are visiting them. Businesses can send the “Offers” to their customers and that way they will promote their businesses on the global network. They can also create Punch Cards that can give the discounts to the customers. Businesses will get the detail report on the customer‟s behavior and depending on that can customize discounts for each one accordingly.

The customers will get only the “Offers” from the business merchants to which there are associated with. They can check out the different offers too.

  • Web-based technology accessible from any computer or mobile device
  • A low-maintenance frequent buyers card
  • Rewards system
  • Punch card-free rewards, coupons and discounts
  • Free and unlimited communication with your customers
  • Customer activity tracking tools


Team faced the following challenge:
  • Incorporating web usability principles while developing numerous features designed for enhancing the users‟ experience.
  • Security of the users tracking was the key concern.
  • Mainly built for the small scale businesses that have very choosy customers so the application needs to be very intuitive.


Operating System & Server Management Red Hat Linux OS, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production Environment through Version Controlling releases, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Scheduler for Back-ups, Alert Monitoring System Integration, Server Performance Tuning at regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance
Development Tools & Environments PHP5+, Symfony Framework, SVN, Xcode 4.2.1, SQLITE Framework,
iOS SDK 5.0,
Core Data Framework, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3 etc.
Database MYSQL Database Server, DB Clustering, DB Optimization, Master Slave Replication, Query Optimization, Scheduler for Backups

Team size

Project Leader 1
Developers 4
Mobile Developers 2
Designers 2
Quality Assurance Testers 1


The following four-tier development approach was adopted to equip the site with numerous features and functionality mentioned before:
  • The Database layer containing MySQL Server Database, Tables, triggers and so on.
  • The Data Access layer containing the Data Access DLL responsible for accessing data from database.
  • The Business Logic layer consisting of all business logic procedures for modules.
  • The User Interface Layer which forms the Graphical User Interface of the website

Development Highlights

The design approach was built around PHP 5 and MySQL SERVER 5 due to the social networking nature of the website. In order to most effectively access the database in an object-oriented context, an interface translating the object logic to the relational logic was used to communicate with the relational databases in an object-oriented manner.

An intermediary abstraction layer was created for accessing data from the database. Triggers, Store Procedures and Custom MySQL functions were used only for complex calculation of data from multiple tables and heavy conditional syntax were utilized to ensure a smooth performance of the website.

The UI layer was kept free of any business logic with images, applications and data being called from their respective servers. Web usability guidelines were strictly followed during development and the interface was made easily navigable through judicious use of AJAX, CSS3 and HTML5 controls. The site was developed and fully functional within a span of 5 months.

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