Designer Marketplace to Unite All Diamond Reps in North America

March, 2021 Dallas, USA

We have custom-built a marketplace to bring together different representatives for a Diamond Giant in North America.

The client was exhausted with different systems to manage external business activities. They had to constantly juggle between two systems for inventory management and customer response. This consumed a lot of time and resulted in delayed customer response and improper inventory management. Simultaneously, the company had to experience unnecessary pressure to track the current status of precious gems.

This diamond enterprise has over 80 years of legacy in this industry. They have attended and created diamonds at several elite trade shows in the USA. The company was in search of a mobility solution for Jewelry and Diamond business to retain their royal heritage in the digital world.

We understood all the concerns revolving around external processes, management, and the need for a mobile solution. Hence, we proposed the idea of creating a personalized marketplace that can cater to their diverse customer base. This marketplace was inclusive of robust export capabilities that enabled smooth export of inventory data to other diamond applications.

This means that the company can garner additional sales through other mobile apps. Furthermore, to encourage sales, the company wanted this platform to be accessible to other diamond suppliers such that they can add their diamonds as well on it.

During this process, our team realized that there was a need to provide access to only reliable buyers, sellers, distributors, and retailers. For sturdy and organized access we offered an end-user system where the admin can configure different users and direct them towards their respective workflow.

“It’s time for the Diamond and Jewelry industry to embark into the digital sphere. They can reach out to a wider range of global audiences through this platform. We have worked with several firms in this industry and hence proposed a futuristic solution,” said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.

Once the representative has entered the marketplace they are likely to bring in data in different formats. Our team could foresee this challenge and hence we introduced a standardized data process. Vendors can map their data in column structure and resolve the issue.

Alongside, we also introduced advanced features that are beneficial to customers such as HD diamond images, quick order placement, purchase in local currency, and timely delivery. Customers can place orders from their mobile browser, desktop, mobile, and tablet.

All these functionalities and features in the marketplace improved diamond representatives and customer experience.

About Brainvire

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